just a good day with my kids

Yesterday, I took the Bumblebee to her art class after school. We were the first ones there, and the teacher (who is a crunchy hippie chick that I like a lot) made a point of telling me a story about something that had happened in their class last week. One of the boys had made a comment about how only a mommy and a daddy could make a family, and the BB had jumped up to defend gay marriage. The art teacher said she was really proud of BB for knowing that families come in different shapes and sizes, and I’m proud of her too. It’s really gratifying to know that our efforts to create a tolerant, open-minded kid are paying off.

Then I went to pick up the Sweet Potato at daycare. Now, the SP, despite being nearly 19 months old, is not much of a talker. Sometimes, I think that he just doesn’t have space to talk in our family, since everyone else is pretty much talking non-stop, especially his big sister. He tends to say mostly words that start with ‘d’, and I doubt they are really distinct, to anyone who doesn’t spend a lot of time with him. Dog, doll, door, down, daddy (but, oh, not the mom word)–these are the major points of his vocabulary. So when I went to pick him up, he started pointing at a picture of a dog, and saying “dog, dog.” I asked him idly, “what does a dog say, SP?” And he barked. Okay, it was more like “oof, oof!” but I got the point.

The best part about it was that he just looked so proud of himself. He learned how to do something that the daycare teacher and I didn’t know he knew how to do, and he surprised us. More and more, he is developing his own personality, and while I’ll miss him as a baby (since he is my last), I just can’t wait to see what kind of person he will become.


March 3, 2005. growing up.


  1. Chip replied:

    What a wonderful story! You must be so proud of your daughter.

    You know my son, the younger brother, suffered the same fate as yours, having a VERY talkative older sister who never let him get a word in edge-wise. Now he will actually ask her to stop talking so he can say something, that started a couple of years ago. Before that we would have to intervene to get big sister to give little brother air time. Funny how that works.

  2. landismom replied:

    I am proud of her. Yes, I can see a time when that dynamic will happen in our house. He’s gotten over his following her around in adoration stage, and will now push her out of the way if he feels like she’s hogging his attention. I’m sure that once he can talk, he’ll be telling her to shut up (at first) and asking her to let him talk (later).–>

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