time to give them up?

I have a confession to make. I’m still wearing nursing bras. My son has been weaned for nearly a year (much too early, but thanks to the nerve medicine I had to take when I had shingles), but they’re so comfortable, I just can’t give them up. I look at them in my drawer, and they’re all ratty and horrible. Then I look at the other bras that I own, and I shudder when I think about the underwire.

It’s a little weird to write about this, knowing that my blog has two readers, and one of them is a man (hi daddychip!, thanks leggy!). But it’s been on my mind lately, so what the hell.

When I found this style of nursing bra, I remember going into the store to buy more and telling the saleswoman that I loved them so much that I could do ads for them. And normally, I’m not big on conversing with salespeople at all, much less about my breasts. But the thing is, I’m a plus-sized woman, and there just aren’t a lot of bras that are comfortable for us.

When I was younger (and skinnier), I used to mostly wear sports bras. But as far as I can tell, only the Marquis de Sade is designing sports bras for the overweight. I own some sports bras that have more hooks than a corset. They hook in the front AND in the back. Now, there is no bouncing around in these bras–they are very effective in the support arena. But in my day-to-day existence, I don’t really want to feel like I’m trying to pass myself off as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

But the reality of the matter is, I’m done having kids, and I’m done needing a nursing bra. Why, oh why, can’t Maidenform make something this comfortable?


March 17, 2005. random other things.


  1. Chip replied:

    you’re right, I’m gonna stay out of this one…

    But reading this does remind me that my wife went through this exact same thought process when she stopped nursing BK. Since then the subject of bras hasn’t really come up again until CB started wanting to wear one … but I’m not supposed to talk about that.

  2. Erik Mann replied:

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