future hypocrisies

Have I mentioned that I work at home? Yeah, once or twice. So today, as I was stealing candy from the SP’s Easter basket (hey, the kid isn’t even two yet, he doesn’t need that much candy!), I started thinking about how my kids are only allowed to eat one ‘treat’ item (candy, cookies, cupcakes) per day, but I myself have free rein over the candy (and more important, the ice cream).

What’s gonna happen when they figure that out? Are they going to think, “well Mom wouldn’t let us eat candy, but she was scarfing it down all the time! What a hypocrite!” Or will they realize that parents are supposed to set limits for their kids, and then let them make their own choices as adults (or at least closer to adulthood than mine are now).

The Bumblebee is going through a major phase of considering the ‘fairness’ of every possible situation, especially when there is some comparison to be made to the way her little brother is being treated. It’s getting on my nerves, particularly because her sense of fairness is not so well developed that she notices it when it goes in the other direction (ie–when she gets something and he does not). Yesterday, as we were driving home from a birthday party, she started complaining to me that he got four items in his goody bag, and she only got three. Nevermind that one of those items was something that she would never in a million years gotten from me (specifically, Bratz face powder). And let me just say tangentially that certain friends of mine who have one-year-old daughters should be careful about who they’re giving makeup to.

It makes me wonder, what are the things that my kids will be calling me a hypocrite for, when they’re old enough to understand the concept.


April 4, 2005. thoughtful parenting.

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  1. Chip replied:

    Just to warn you, it never ends, especially the comparison with what the other sibling got. And those arguments are just not open to rational, factual discussion. On the parent side, too, it doesn’t end, so in those cases we try to do some explaining, though my wife’s better at that than me. And we’ve also reconsidered some things based on that perspective.

    As for candy, we adopted a philosophy of gorge-until-you’re-sick on easter and halloween. There may be a hidden agenda though: they eat until they’re sick of the candy, and then tell mom and dad that we can have the rest…

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