another telecommuting advantage

You know how some days, you leave the house and you think, “now why did I wear this? It’s way too hot/cold/orange/PMS-y for this outfit!”

If you telecommute, it’s much easier to deal with morning clothing mistakes like the one I made today, which involved capris & sandals. On a side note, I must point out something I’ve been trying to work into my blog for weeks. The Bumblebee calls capri pants “pre-kays.” It’s one of my favorite of her malapropisms.

On the other hand, yesterday I had to drive about a 200 mile round trip to attend a meeting. When I got to the meeting location, I realized my folly in not having checked the temperature at my destination, which was easily 20 degrees colder than when I left my house. I had to make an emergency run to Dress Barn, which was the only clothing store I could find that was still selling sweaters. I’ve never shopped at Dress Barn before, largely because of the name. But when I got inside, I realized it’s also because I’m just the wrong age. I was easily the youngest person in the store by about 20 years, and that’s including the sales staff, who probably themselves took 10 years off the average age (before I walked in). Yikes!


April 22, 2005. work.


  1. Chip replied:

    Layers! that’s the key. our weather really shifts day to day too. One day it could by 70 degrees, the next it could be sunny but snowing, at this time of year. But it’s always interesting…

  2. TrueJerseyGirl replied:

    That’s one reason I love being a stay at home mom…I don’t worry about the weather because some days I never get out of my jammies!

  3. landismom replied:

    chip–yeah, I do the layers thing, but I hate socks with sandals ;).

    TJG–see, even when I was a sahm, I HAD to leave the house every day, for my own sanity.

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