Who’s your daddy?

The Sweet Potato calls me Daddy. He calls his daddy Daddy, too. Somehow, at nearly 21 months of age, he’s never once managed a Mama or Mommy, or even anything that started with M when looking my way.

I still think he’s adorable, of course. Sometimes, when I come home and the kids are playing in the yard, he’ll come running toward me screaming, “Daddy, Daddy!” in that excited way that toddlers get. I’m so happy that he’s that excited to see me that I don’t really care what he calls me.

But it leads to some odd experiences occasionally. Like last Saturday. I took both the kids to get their hair cut. The SP hates getting haircuts, and he resisted mightily–I ended up having to hold him on my lap while I sat in the haircutting chair, and the hairdresser whizzed around, poking me in the eye with a comb, and trying to cut his hair as fast as humanly possible.

Finally, there got to be a point where he realized that resistance was useless, and he just sat there whimpering, “Daddy, Daddy.” The woman cutting his hair said, “oh that’s cute, he wants his daddy.” And I said, “no, he’s talking to me, he calls me Daddy too.” And then she didn’t say anymore.


April 27, 2005. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Jessica replied:

    I think that is one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard…”Daddy” – *snicker*

  2. Chip replied:

    my kids sometimes used to call me “mommy”. But sometimes I call them by the other one’s name too, even the cat’s name occasionally, so we’re all even.

  3. landismom replied:

    I’ve definitely called the Sweet Potato by our kitten’s name (the kitten tends to get into trouble more often), so I guess he has an excuse.

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