the so(u)le hip-hop queen

Okay, I’m departing from my usual blogging about the politics of raising kids and/or telecommuting to channel my inner 13 year-old.


I feel much better now.

Backstory: I’m in the hip hop generation, and I love it. Yesterday, the opening strands of “Hate It or Love It” (50 Cent/The Game) came on the radio. I turned it up, because I really dig that song, especially the part where 50 Cent sings about his mom kissing a girl.

But holy crap!? It wasn’t “Hate It or Love It”! It was the remix–“MVP” with Mary J. Blige.

MARY J. BLIGE, people! Can I just say that I’ve been a huge fan since like 1994?

How is this not yet available on iTunes?


April 28, 2005. random other things.


  1. carla replied:


    Welcome to the Progressive Women Bloggers webring. 🙂

  2. landismom replied:


  3. Nygmom replied:

    Great Blog! I especially love the part about the 50 Cent song. That verse is interesting to me too! Oh the life of a rapper.


  4. landismom replied:

    nygmom, thanks for visiting my blog!

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