Mother’s Day

Okay, I know I’m a day behind everyone else in the blogosphere. Sue me.

I started to write a post about how I had a somewhat disappointing Mother’s Day, and then I thought, “but why do I care?” Have I been so programmed by Hallmark that I expect flowers and sweetness all day long? Isn’t enough that I got woken up by the Bee at 6:40 a.m., because she was so excited to give me my present that she couldn’t wait another minute?

And then I had this interesting conversation with her, as we were driving the Sweet Potato to daycare, and I was wearing said present, a plastic pin covered with sequins in the shape of a butterfly:

BB: “I’m glad you like my present.”

LM: “Of course I do, sweetie, I always like what you make for me.”

BB: “But I didn’t really make it. We didn’t get to take home the ones that we made-just ones that were the same shape.”

LM: “What do you mean? you mean someone else made this pin?”

BB: “Yeah, I made a butterfly, but that’s not the one that I made. Mrs. X said we just had to take the same shape, but not to worry about whether it was the one we made or not.”

LM: “Okay” (voice in my head: “you mean I’m wearing this pin for SOMEONE ELSE’S kid? I hate Mrs. X!”)

Sigh. At least I know that the present the Sweet Potato gave me was his actual handprint.


May 9, 2005. random other things.

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