didya ever see that Seinfeld…

where Kramer & Newman got spit on by Keith Hernandez? That’s what I feel like I’m dealing with here.

So we had the meeting with Mrs. X to talk about the Bee’s spitting incident, and while I don’t think there was a second spitter, there does seem to be some discrepancy in the various accounts of the events. However, (and more importantly to me), Mrs. X this time described the spit as more of a raspberry (in keeping with the Bumblebee’s description of what happened). There’s still disagreement about how far away the parties were from each other, but I doubt we’ll ever resolve that without a grainy 8mm film of the incident surfacing.

Landisdad and I decided that the Bee had been punished enough (since we made her miss an exciting event at school the night of the incident), and that we would work with her more at home on appropriate methods of expressing anger.

And I managed to have a civil conversation with Mrs. X, where for once, she didn’t interrupt me, so that’s good. Mrs. X thanked us for coming in, and being involved parents who are working with the school.

Relief all around, I think.


May 13, 2005. thoughtful parenting.


  1. Chip replied:

    So I guess you didn’t get to spit at Mrs. X??

  2. landismom replied:

    well, the meeting was going so swimmingly I thought I’d take the high road.

  3. Chip replied:

    You’re such a good person. I suppose you didn’t even say anything snarky about the mother’s day gifts? Sometimes I’m bad, I can’t control myself and say things that give me immediate psychological satisfaction but that are not really the best way to approach things… I’m working on it though. Glad things went well with Mrs. X. The year’s almost over…

  4. landismom replied:

    Yeah, I can totally relate to wanting to say something snarky. IRL, I am the queen of snark, but when it comes to my kids, I’ve found that it works against them. I don’t mind taking the fallout for my own bitchy sarcasm, but it doesn’t seem fair to make them live with the results.

    Boy did that Mother’s Day thing piss me off, though!

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