why I should be committed

Holy crow am I stressed out right now. Here’s why:

Last week, I took the Bee to the doctor because I suspected she might have a urinary tract infection. On Monday, the doctor left me a message–the urinalysis was clear of infection, but “we might want to do another test”. Of course, by the time I got the message, she was gone for the day, and I couldn’t see my way clear to calling her through the answering service without more info. Finally connected with her yesterday, and it turns out the Bee had protein in her urine, a possible symptom of diabetes. Now we have to do a 24-hour test this weekend, which involves getting a urine sample EVERY SINGLE TIME she pees in one 24-hour period.

Now, leaving aside the fact that there’s a tiny little Landismom running around in my brain screaming, “my baby might have diabetes,” I’m thoroughly stressed out about the test. Because the person who’s going to have to be sitting in the bathroom with the Bee for many hours on Saturday is yours truly. And she wasn’t very happy about having to pee in a cup once, when we were at the doctor’s office–I can imagine how she’s going to take it when we tell her this plan.

To complicate matters, of course Landisdad is still working for about 5 hours this Saturday afternoon, leaving me to attempt to juggle this while also supervising the Sweet Potato, who has somehow miraculously transformed himself into a hell-raiser overnight. Example? This morning after breakfast, while I was making the Bee’s lunch and she was upstairs getting dressed, I noticed an unnatural quiet emanating from our living room. I walked in to find that the SP had covered the entire coffee table with chalk scribblings. Now, to be sure, chalk is washable. But it meant that he was covered with chalk himself, and in need of a new outfit, Landisdad was already at work, and I had five minutes before we needed to leave for school, so I could get home in time to be on a (pointless) conference call. What happened to my sweet little boy who just carried around books and called me daddy?


May 18, 2005. growing up.


  1. Chip replied:

    Some day you’ll be able to look back at all of this and laugh — well, laugh at least parts of it. The rest you’ll be really happy is far far in the past 🙂

  2. Hollie The Mom replied:

    Our Col’s wife once came in flusted and dragging in thier “late life surprise” and you could tell it had been a long day at 10 am. When I asked how she was she just rolls her eyes and says LLS decided to paint the hall carpet while she was getting dressed with Herseys Chocolate syrup. And all she could do was laugh…
    Of course she had already been through 25+ years being a Army wife and had 5 children..

  3. landismom replied:

    chip–far in the past. Ahh, I can feel it slipping away.

    hollie–okay, that’s why I’m reeeaaaallly glad we have hardwood floors. Not much is easier to clean (except possibly the aforementioned plastic tarp).

  4. Smallman replied:

    Not what I was searching for, but none the less and interesting blog here. Thanks for putting it up. I’ve enjoyed reading alot of the text here. I got you bookmarked for the future, I’ll be back.

    My site is a bit different, some think it’s odd. I guess it’s a matter how you look at it. I have a diabetes sign warning related site. Most of the articles are on diabetes sign warning.

  5. justlittleoldme replied:

    Hey, my son once had protein in his urine, but they told me it just meant that he needed to drink more. I knew that he doesn’t (and none of my kids) drink enough so I believed them, many years later he’s still alive. I did end up having him tested for diabetis because we have a family history and he went through what turned out to be a nervous peeing stage. Felt the urge to pee all the time – I was pretty sure it was a nervous thing but better be safe than sorry. Still no diabetis.

    Also, my daughters sometimes have a burning problem with peeing if they don’t clean themselves good enough in the shower (you know where). I had my older daughter tested for a bladder infection but it came back negative. So now I just yell “CLEAN YOUR PRIVATES” all the time. LOL

    Just wanted you to hear that sometimes these things turn out to be nothing. But still better safe than sorry.

  6. landismom replied:

    justlittleoldme–thanks. Yeah, I tested positive once for gestational diabetes (while pregnant with the SP), and then turned out not to have it, so I’m definitely hoping for good test results. My daughter doesn’t have any other symptoms, and she’s not overweight, so I’m hoping it was just a weird spike and not diabetes.

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