Saturday night’s alright

Our usual practice on the weekend is that the Bee gets to stay up for an extra half-hour or so longer than during the week. It’s her extra Mommy/Daddy time, and usually, the three of us play some kind of board game together. The last few weeks, since landisdad has been working on Saturday nights, it’s been our Mommy/Daughter time, and we’ve been making collages.

It’s fun to make things together, and unlike most of the art projects that we do where I just help her (or her and the Sweet Potato), when we do collages we both do one. I’ve been having fun too, and we get to have some very interesting conversations. The Bee is big on bathroom humor right now, and her tendency to talk about excrement was exacerbated this weekend by the 24-hour urinalysis test that we had to do. At one point, I offhandedly remarked on her joking, “after all, what’s funnier than pee?” To which she simply replied “poop!” before dissolving in a fit of giggles.

It made me smile, too.

In other news, I was a huge snarky bitch to landisdad this weekend, and couldn’t really figure out why, until Sunday afternoon, when I came home from grocery shopping to tell him that when our house is a mess, I have a mess in both my house & my workspace. Then he cleaned the kitchen and I cleaned the bedroom while BOTH of our children (mercifully) slept. AHHHHH! That’s better.


May 23, 2005. thoughtful parenting.

One Comment

  1. jessica replied:

    Sounds alright, indeed!

    Your daughter’s humor would go hand in hand with my father’s.

    By the way, I “tagged” you for the game of three on my site – but please don’t feel obligated to play.

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