huge sigh of relief

Yesterday morning, the Bee’s doctor left us a message that her 24-hour diabetes test was negative. Huzzah!

I refrained about blogging about it for 24 hours, because I was at a conference all day yesterday, and then spent the night drinking with my girls. I feel like a new woman–lightened of the burden of worrying about my kid having a serious illness, and refreshed by hanging out with the great women that I have come to know through my work, in our ongoing struggle for justice.

One of the things I miss most about having an office to go to is not having daily interactions with co-workers. While they can sometimes be short-tempered and annoying, I still miss having people to talk to about my job and the campaigns that I’m working on. I’m the kind of person who does much better work when I am able to be collaborative, and while I do get collaboration through my current job, it’s almost entirely through email loops and conference calls–on the days when I actually have meetings, I usually have to drive 2-3 hours to get to them, which takes a lot of the fun out of it.

But yesterday, I got to go to a great conference about a topic that I really care about, with people that I’ve been doing good organizing with for several years, and it was fun. We had some very productive discussions and I think that out if it, we will jumpstart a coalition I helped organize that has been flagging for about a year–much to my frustration.

It was the cherry on the sundae to call my home voicemail & get the message from the doc.


May 26, 2005. work.


  1. chip replied:

    Glad to hear the Bee is okay, and also that you got a night out, plus a good conference! Wow!

    By the way, you dropped the “you’ll have to ask their father”… Can you get landisdad to do a blogpost explaining the bumblebee and sweet potato names?

  2. CT replied:

    good times

  3. HollieTheMom replied:

    Great news about Bee! Yippee Girls night out glad you were able to have such a great day!

  4. justlittleoldme replied:

    Glad to hear about your daughter. What I hadn’t said in my previous comment was that I had a friend that was told by a doctor that her son had diabetis and should immediately start taking insulin. She was suspicious because this was a first visit and not many tests had been done and she actually had the confidence to say “no”. Lucky for them because he didn’t really have diabetis. Didn’t want to give you something else to worry about! LOL I had to come back to find out what happened, I know that feeling of relief you must have…

  5. landismom replied:

    Jessica–thanks! Hope you have a good weekend too.

    justlittleoldme–wow, I am glad you didn’t tell me that when you first commented. I will say, though, that one of the reasons that I was willing to agree to the test is that I really trust the doctor we have now. We switched to her after some not very helpful experiences with a very popular previous pediatrician, who tended to act like everything was an emergency. One of the things I like most about our current doctor is that she has a wait-and-see attitude about most things–so when she said we needed to do this test, I took her very seriously. But I am relieved that it is negative.

  6. jessica replied:

    Much congratulations regarding the Bee (and your great conference).

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  7. kate replied:

    well i’m glad that the bee is okay too 🙂 and thank you so much about the haloscan tips, that saved my poor blog!

  8. justlittleoldme replied:

    Yeah, my intention was to NOT worry you. But if you trust your doctor you probably wouldn’t anyway. I’ve had the same pediatrician since my son was born almost 13 years ago. We really know each other and he is calm and knowledgable. Doesn’t OVER react but is still thorough. I was always amazed when he would say its just a virus, no antibiotics and sure enough in a couple days they’d be better.

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