Reason #487 to hate Chinese wage slavery

Reason #487 to hate Chinese wage slavery
Originally uploaded by landismom.

…because if this thing cost what it would to manufacture in the United States, my neighbor would never have bought it for the Bee for her birthday last fall. And I wouldn’t have had to spend two hours inflating it today.

Seriously, this thing came with a foot pump. I’m really happy, that due to a prior inflatable purchase, I already owned an electric pump to inflate things with.

BTW? I. HATE. BARBIE. In all her many forms.


May 30, 2005. random other things.


  1. Riss replied:

    I actually got a smaller one of those for our living room. Willingly. Oh well.

  2. Betty replied:

    Oh my! I don’t know anyone who has one of those! Only in the last year has my DD suddenly developed a liking for Barbie, Bratz, and Polly Pocket paraphernalia! I was hoping that she was going to bypass that whole period entirely, but it was not to be. These dolls are better dressed than I am, LOL!

  3. chip replied:

    OMG, I’m ROFLMAO, that is unbelievable!!! I think if we’d every gotten one of those I might have “accidentally” stuck the inflation needle in the wrong place, “oops. sorry honey…” On the other hand if it keeps the kids happy and occupied for any amount of time I guess it can’t be all bad.

  4. landismom replied:

    Betty, yeah, we haven’t gone through the Polly Pocket thing (yet), but the Bee had a pretty serious jones for the Bratz last Christmas. I don’t know why–those things don’t bother me as much as Barbie does. I think it’s because the Bratz attempts to be biracial or multi-racial are so much better than Barbie’s attempts. Although the fact that you can just remove the feet of a Bratz doll (that’s how you change their shoes) really weirds me out for some reason.

  5. landismom replied:

    chip, yeah, well I think the Bee kind of did herself in on that, a little bit. She decided, while I was inflating the main part of the castle, to drag her brother around the yard on one of the already-inflated walls. Oops! Now that one is leaking air. Now if I can only get her to drag the whole thing around, there’s bound to be a sharp stick down there somewhere…

  6. landismom replied:

    Riss-wow. You’re a braver woman than I am.

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