failure to blog

I’m going to blog now, because I’m getting slammed at work this week, and who knows when I’ll have another time to do it–I have to go out of town twice in the next two weeks, and I know I won’t be blogging much then either.

There’s something about this time of year that always makes me a little crazy. June is a liminal month for us for 12 of the first 18 years of life; do any of us really outgrow the sense that something is ending now? As long as I’ve been out of school (and it’s been quite a few years), I still have that sense in June that I should get a break now–that I deserve a nice, long summer vacation, to be followed by sharp new pencils and new sweaters that I will wear to the first day of school, even though it’s still in the 90s.

This year is the first year that one of my kids is ending the school year in June, and sadly, due to my travel schedule, I am missing the last day of kindergarten. I planned this trip several months ago to follow the end of the school year, but then two extra days of school were added on, since they had so many snow days this year. I’m sad to be missing the Bee’s last day of kindergarten, but I’m also feeling cheated that as the school year winds down, my work year is heating up, and instead of getting a well-deserved break, I’m going into overdrive.

In reality, I had a pretty easy month at work last month–it’s just that since landisdad was working so much on his big project, I didn’t get to enjoy it much myself. I’d like to just hook a day off from work and drive to the beach, but I can’t see my way clear to doing that until August sometime, and then the beach will be full of tourists and vacationers, and I’ll have to take the kids. Nothing more relaxing than going to the beach with a 2 year-old.


June 9, 2005. meta.


  1. Benjamin Solah replied:

    Wow, I wish I was busy, I seem to always find time to blog,


    p.s. nice blog, the design is nice and simple so you can actually read what you’ve written!

  2. Tiffany replied:

    Ahh, yes, Stephanie, I totally agree!! I homeschool my little ones and a trip to the beach can be an any~day event!!… of course, when you live in Nebraska, it’s quite the trip, but still, potentially, I could go at any time !!! 😉

  3. Stephanie replied:

    We had extra days tacked on the end of the school year, too. Makes me even happier we’ll be homeschooling next year! 🙂

  4. Dawn replied:

    yea I need a long summer break!

  5. chip replied:

    Adding days at the end of the year? That sounds cruel. Here they set aside extra vacation days during the school year that get taken away if there are too many snow days. That way school always ends when it’s supposed to end. BK would be pretty bummed if he had to go to school 2 extra days at the end of the school year…

    If it’s any consolation, neither of my kids remembers details of their kindergarten year.

    Hope your trips goes okay and that you get some slack-time over the next couple of months!

  6. landismom replied:

    Oh, beach vacation, where are you???

    Hmm, okay, I guess since I don’t have to go to the beach from Nebraska, I’m doing okay. Glad to hear we’re not the only ones with the snow day blues.

  7. Comfort Addict replied:

    Speaking from my vantage point at age 48, it doesn’t seem fair that we don’t get summers off anymore. I keep trying to persuade the corporate powers that be to offer this benefit or, at the very least, recess and / or story time.]

  8. Betty replied:

    I know someone who lives and works in Canada, and the company that she works for gives all of their employees 6-week sabbaticals that most people take during the summertime! I know it would never happen in my lifetime, but it would be great if more US corporations offered benefits like that to their employees.

    Today was my DD’s last day of 1st grade. I was surprised at how sad I felt about it. I couldn’t believe that one year had passed by so, so quickly! She was a bit bummed out that she didn’t have perfect attendance this year like she did last year. I had to keep her out of school for 6 days this year because of strep throat and other assorted high fevers. This year, there were only about 10 or so kids from all of grades that had perfect attendance.

  9. Morris replied:

    I completly agree! We need more citizens that help the elderly accross the street.

  10. landismom replied:

    chip–yes, if the Bee didn’t love school as much as she does, she would be very cranky about it.

    Comfort Addict–hey, don’t forget cookies and milk!

    Betty–yeah, I’ll be happy when the sabbatical trickles down from academia to the rest of us too. Congrats on your daughter’s graduation to second grade!

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