guess who’s back? back again

Well, I just got back from my back-to-back business trip/Father’s Day trip/business trip. And I gotta tell ya, I’m pretty happy to be home, because 7 days is a long time to be on the road, even if there’s a break with kids in the middle. The culmination of my trip was that my flight home last night consisted of 75 minutes of flying, 45 minutes of circling, being forced to land at a different airport to refuel, sitting on the tarmac at that airport for 2 hours until we could get another slot, another 45 minutes of flying, another 20 minutes of circling, finally landing, and then taking 2 hours to get from the landing spot to the gate to deplane.

Now, I am one for the hyperbole on occasion, but this isn’t one of them. We landed at 11 p.m. We deplaned at 1 a.m.

Then, we got to sit in the airport for an hour before our bags got unloaded. Eventually, I gave up and filed a claim and went home to bed–happily, my suitcase was delivered by the airline today, and seems intact. Unhappily, my contacts feel like they have sand in them, because I foolishly packed my glasses in my suitcase, and therefore have been wearing my contacts pretty much non-stop.

I thought about having my quote for yesterday be Sartre’s “hell is other people,” but I decided that was too negative. But seriously, the worst part of that whole experience wasn’t the sitting on the runway, or the endless waiting (although that wasn’t the best part, either). It was the sense of entitlement exuding from the pores (and loudly, from the mouths) of nearly every white guy on the plane, many of whom seemed to be highly put out that the pilot had chosen to return us home safely, rather than on time.

When I got up this morning, the kids were so happy to see me, it was totally worth the hell it took to get here. During breakfast, the Bee was being extra goofy, and we had the following interchange: “mommy, I wish I could be some food.” “why’s that sweetie?” “because then I would know what it’s like to be in somebody’s tummy!” (shows me the chewed up Cracklin’ Oat Bran in her mouth). Ah, five-year-old humor. Does it get any better than that?


June 23, 2005. random other things.


  1. Comfort Addict replied:

    What a darling thing to say. Remember these times.

  2. chip replied:

    welcome back! It’s always just great to be back home isn’t it. I’m about to leave on a 3 week business trip and while it’ll be okay I’m realizing I’m not really thrilled about going for so long. No choice though… And I’m with you on the obnoxious, loud guys and their entitlement. Lots of really ugly people out there these days.

  3. Dawn replied:

    oh man that sucks! And what a cute child!

  4. landismom replied:

    chip, ugh, 3 weeks away, how will you stand it?

  5. jessica replied:

    That Bee! Too cute….

    Probably doesn’t seem like that long ago that she was in a tummy, huh?

  6. chip replied:

    it’ll be tough, but I do get to avoid the 2 week trip to my wife’s family… 🙂 I’ll be blogging about this tomorrow.

  7. Tiffany replied:

    Sorry about your lousy flight and then the complaints whilst you waited! I really do find it amusing, the way people (esp on planes) think!! Although, the other morning I was walking my dog. I go out early, 5:30, to get peace and tranquility before the day hits. Anyway, I was walking along quietly when…*gasp*… a train went by. I was a little annoyed. Then, can you believe this…., a garbage truck went by too… picking up trash…!! I was starting to get angry, my stomach was clenching my teeth and jaws were tightening…. and I realised that I was thinking “HOW DARE THEY DRIVE BY?!?!? DON’T THEY KNOW I AM WALKING HERE!!!!!!” Fortunately I saw the situation for what it had become and was able to laugh at myself for being such an ass!!!! But how funny that I was indignant!! Don’t they know who I AM?!?! I AM HERE!!! Be off !!! 😉

  8. landismom replied:

    Jess, no, it sure doesn’t!

    Tiff, yeah, I get into that sometimes, too. But that’s different! It’s me, dammit!

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