fruit salad–childhood’s perfect food?

Have I mentioned that I hate to cook? Well I do.

When landisdad is working late, or away, our kids eat much worse than when he’s here. He does most of the cooking in our house, and since he likes to cook, he’s mostly happy to do it (or if not, he can get his own blog and complain about it).

Lately, he’s been working a lot of evenings, and I decided that we can’t just have mac and cheese every night. My solution? Fruit salad for dinner!

My kids love any kind of fruit. And thanks to our local farmer’s market, we always have fresh fruit in the summer. The Potato eats so much fruit, we sometimes call him the Fruit Bat, instead of the Potato. (Hmm, maybe we should make that his summer nickname…) The Bee is also a fruit addict–I bought a watermelon last week, and she practically inhaled it, seeds and all.

Here are some pictures of them enjoying one of their favorite street fair snacks–mango on a stick, carved like a flower.

It’s pretty cool how quick the vendors can make these things–it would take me about six hours, and I’d probably lose a finger while carving it.

Last week, landisdad was away for a few days that we hadn’t planned on, and I once again broke out my trusty favorite. Pizza with fruit salad. I’m happy to report that, while a ridiculous amount of grease and fat was consumed by yours truly, the kids were much more excited about the fruit than the pie.


July 1, 2005. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Betty replied:

    Your children are adorable! “Fruit bat” would be a good nickname! Did you ever read the book “Stellaluna” (about a fruit bat) before? My DD loved that book when she was younger. I must have read it a 100 times to her.

    That “mango on a stick” concoction looks really intriguing. I’ve never seen that sold before at any of the street fairs that I’ve been to.

  2. jessica replied:

    What cuties!!!

  3. dawn replied:

    I love mango. Sounds like a great dinner – pizza and fruit!

  4. Comfort Addict replied:

    I, too, am a fruit fanatic. My faves are mango, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

  5. landismom replied:

    Thanks everyone! Of course, I think they’re adorable, but it’s good to have outside opinions too. We had mango on a stick again this weekend, as it seems to have become fairly available in NY.

  6. Peggy replied:

    Fruit salad… yummy yummy. Sorry I couldn’t resist. I know of very few more appropriate summer foods than fruit salad!

  7. jensgalore replied:

    Mine love fruit, too. I just can’t keep the stuff around the house, which is fine with me!

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