How about ‘no’?

One way that I know I’m a parent? Listening to a two-year-old say “no” all weekend is cute, not annoying.

The Sweet Potato learned how to say “no” this weekend. While I am aware that, in time, I will tire of having my child say no to me all the time, for now it’s still very cute, and I just want to eat him up every time he says it. The SP has taken longer than the Bee to become verbal. For a while there, I thought we were going to have an extremely difficult ‘terrible twos’ phase with him, because he would get so frustrated by his inability to make us understand what he wanted. But he’s starting to increase his vocabulary very dramatically, and he seems to be getting calmer, as opposed to crazier.

On Saturday, he felt very strongly that I had picked the wrong shirt for him, but instead of throwing himself on the floor (as he would have done even a week before), he said, “Mommy, onj shut” (aka, “Mommy, I’d like to wear my orange shirt.”). How cute is that? He’s even saying please when he asks for things, which is a testimony to the good manners instilled by Miss Gail at his daycare, as I am terrible at reminding him to say please.


July 5, 2005. growing up.


  1. Peggy replied:

    I stink at making my kids say Please and such to me also at home but make them to others.. ugh, that ain’t right., Imma have to watch that. I mean shouldn’t they be bowing me us or something by now? lol

    Glad your baby is saying No to you. Uhm… well, I guess they didn’t sound right. lol

  2. dawn replied:

    so cute. . yet so not cute at the same time.

  3. Comfort Addict replied:

    Congrats to SP on the “onj shut” remark. He’s already a more original thinker than many politicians I know.

  4. Tiffany replied:

    Congrats on the “no” !!!! Get ready for “why?!”

    This reminded me of when my daughter was little and I had a book called Baby Signs I used. It teaches you to make simple signs using what the children naturally do. For example, nursing. My Dd, when she wanted to nurse, would pound my chest! (aww, so cute. Hmm)so, pounding on the chest was a sign for nursing. I would pound my chest and say “Do you want milk?” she would pound her chest if she needed to nurse. Worked great. My son, when he needed to nurse, would suck his arm. That was HIS sign. This really eliminated the terrible twos as they realy could communicate. They understand so very much of what you are saying and are frustrated when they can’t repsond. Anyway, my Dd ended up with hundreds of signs!! I have video of her and I talking together and she and I are signing away and having a whale of a time!! 😉

  5. landismom replied:

    Hmm, maybe I should work on that bowing thing–good idea!

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