a thought for Wednesday V

This is the most important thing about me–I’m a card-carrying reader. All I really want to do is sit and read or lie down and read or eat and read or shit and read. I’m a trained reader. I want a job where I get paid for reading books. And I don’t want to have to make reports on what I read or to apply what I read.

Maxine Hong Kingston
Tripmaster Monkey: His Fake Book


July 13, 2005. random other things.


  1. dawn replied:

    I like to read too. But I don’t usually take my book everywhere with me. My mom does that though. My grandpa read 3-4 books a week and I’m convinced that is what kept his brain sharp through old age.

  2. Kate replied:

    Oh I’m reading this really interesting book calledAmazon.com: Books: What’s the Matter with Kansas?. Iím marking lots of pages as I read to quote on my blog later. lol

  3. Comfort Addict replied:

    I love reading, too. Lately, however, life has been sapping me dry. I wish I had more reading time but I’ve had to surrender some of it to sleeping time.

  4. Metrodad replied:

    I tell my wife at least once a week that I wish I could get paid to just read books all day. How great would that be? Back when I was younger, I interviewed for a few jobs as an editorial assistant for some of the big publishing houses in NY. The starting salary was $18K/year. Considering living expenses in NY, it seemed like I would have been paying THEM to read books all day. Oh well…

  5. landismom replied:

    I do take a book with me (helps that I carry a huge tote of a purse), I find it makes me less impatient at waiting in line or at the doctor’s office or whatever.

    Kate, I really want to read that book! Have been trying to borrow it from a friend for sometime, but she keeps lending it to other people! May have to break down & buy my own copy.

    CA–I hear you on the sleeping thing. I have only been able to read like two pages a night before I have to go to sleep.

    MD–Yeah, I had a similar dream, that was similarly squashed by the economics. I think those jobs are for rich kids (or at least kids like my dh, a former ed. ass’t. at Cambridge University Press, who got a lot of parental help, in addition to living with like 16 people).

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