newsflash–I’m getting old

Note: this is not the special announcement that I promised–that’s coming later in the week.

We’re still on vacation, and yesterday, we went to the beach. Unfortunately, my body decided that it was the right moment to inform me of its advanced state of decay. Because while I was jumping into a wave, I heard a ‘pop’, and felt a searing pain in my left calf. I hobbled out of the ocean and collapsed under our shady tent for the rest of the afternoon. Fortunately, the Potato was in a mode where all he wanted to do was dig, so landisdad (a prince among men, have I mentioned that before?) kept the Bee busy in the waves, and I let the SP cover my feet with sand, and dig out my toes, and then cover my feet with sand some more.

Today, I went to the doctor, and she confirmed that I had torn a muscle in my left calf. She asked me if I needed a note for work, and I quipped, “no, but can I get one for my kids?”

Sigh. I know that I’m getting older, and I can’t expect my body to do all the things that it was capable of when I was a teenager. But do I really need to start stretching before I jump into the ocean with my kids? Because that is too depressing for words.


August 3, 2005. random other things. 6 comments.