big water

For months, the Potato has been talking. He has a growing vocabulary, and recently added the word “yes” (which is oh so helpful). But until now, he’s mostly used the words to describe 1) things he sees (“truck, Mommy!”), 2) things he wants (“mik!”), and 3) things he doesn’t want (“noooeeee!”).

Last night, the family was eating dinner together, and the Bee started to tell us about her day at camp. I asked her if she had told her friends about her vacation, and she started to tell us what she had told them about going down the shore, when suddenly the Potato piped in, “big watee!” I looked at him and asked, “did you say ‘big water’?” He said, “big, big watee.”

My son has participated in a conversation. Another major milestone whizzes by.


August 9, 2005. growing up, the cutest kids ever!. 10 comments.