big water

For months, the Potato has been talking. He has a growing vocabulary, and recently added the word “yes” (which is oh so helpful). But until now, he’s mostly used the words to describe 1) things he sees (“truck, Mommy!”), 2) things he wants (“mik!”), and 3) things he doesn’t want (“noooeeee!”).

Last night, the family was eating dinner together, and the Bee started to tell us about her day at camp. I asked her if she had told her friends about her vacation, and she started to tell us what she had told them about going down the shore, when suddenly the Potato piped in, “big watee!” I looked at him and asked, “did you say ‘big water’?” He said, “big, big watee.”

My son has participated in a conversation. Another major milestone whizzes by.


August 9, 2005. growing up, the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Library Lady replied:

    The most fun is the inter-sibling conversations. Sometimes I want to crack up–and try my durndest not to in front of them.

    It’s especially funny since my big girl is so serious and her little sister is such a silly!

  2. Jessica replied:

    Oh, landismom – this is so precious! I love that the memory of the trip stuck in his sweet little head and that he communicated this to the family. I wish I could remember the first time my son “participated in conversation” – what a neat milestone to mark.

  3. landismom replied:

    Jessica- I don’t know if participating in a conversation is a milestone in everyone’s family–it certainly is in ours!

  4. Comfort Addict replied:

    That’s a nice moment. I’m sure, with you and Landisdad as examples, he’ll be leading the conversation soon.

  5. Kate replied:

    No is still Anna’s favorite word 🙂

  6. Jessica replied:

    That is so sweet. We often have to coax conversation out of Meredith. Abby will describe every minute of her day – down to every excruciating detail (“and then I had a hangnail so I had to go to the office and get a bandaid and I stopped in the bathroom on the way and it took me five minutes so I was late for gym.”) With all that, why should Meredith need to talk? Most of the time we tell Meredith she has to go first telling us about her day, that way, she’s guaranteed to get a few words in before Abby takes over!

  7. Ashley replied:

    No is always a mommy’s favorite word. Just ask your kids.

  8. guile replied:

    wait till he memorizes his first nursery rhyme..

  9. landismom replied:

    Mine too! (at least, that’s what the Bee thinks)

  10. One year of BBSP « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] 6. big watee […]

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