Here’s a link to my current post on the San Diego Reader’s Blog World. This is a post that I wrote just for the Reader–it’s sort of an intro to my blog, and I didn’t feel the need to post it here, but now you can comment anyway (if you’re so inclined). If you’re interested in the blogs that I mention in the post (apparently they don’t post links, ’cause they were in the original), you can get to all of them from my blogroll, as well as some other great blogs that I don’t mention.


August 11, 2005. meta.


  1. chip replied:

    wow, thanks for the hat tip!!

    On parents / friends, we’ve found that we met a lot of our current friends through our kids or their school when they were little. I was just realizing that I’ve known a good friend of mine whose son is now in college since the son was in 4th grade and my daughter in kindergarten. For us, it was actually easier to meet other people through our kids, and that’s how we met some cool people who are now friends. And you’re right about the blogosphere, it’s great meeting parents like you who share lots of our values even if not the same neighborhood space.

  2. Dawn replied:

    very cool!

  3. RainbowMomma replied:

    (I meant to comment when I first read it yesterday, but my computer freaked and I lost track of where I was. LOL)

    Congrats! That’s great and VERY cool.

  4. comfort addict replied:

    That’s nicely done. I’m glad that you are in my blog family.

  5. leggy replied:

    That is really cool- congrats.

    I have published (in real life) and its always thrilling when you see your “name” in print (and not just in blogsphere where anyone with a computer and Internet access can publish themselves.)

    Will you do more of those or was it a one shot deal?

  6. Metrodad replied:

    VERY cool. Well-written and it was nice getting some of the backstory.

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