The Potato is home sick today. He woke up with a fever, and was doing that kind of listless, draggy thing. We went downstairs for breakfast, and he threw up all over the kitchen floor.

I’m from the school of parenthood where sick kids get to watch tv all day (when they’re not napping). My kids are only allowed about 1/2 hour of tv a day normally, so this is a very special treat.

After I got him cleaned up and we took the Bee to day camp, we came home & started watching tv. (Yes, thanks to the beauty of AirPort, I can blog and sit on the couch watching tv at the same time. And I wonder why I never get any exercise.)

So here’s my question. Who the hell is this Diego, on Dora?

At one point in the Bee’s life, she was a Dora addict. In fact, Shame of My Life #1312 is that her first word was ‘backpack.’ I once impressed a teacher at the kids’ daycare by knowing the Spanish ‘Happy Birthday’ song, ‘Feliz Cumpleanos,’ which I learned from Dora. But she gave it up about two years ago. It seems like they’ve had the audacity to actually introduce new characters. I feel so out of touch!


August 16, 2005. random other things. 7 comments.