birthday party planning

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, I have been planning the Potato’s 2nd birthday party, set up for tomorrow. We’re really hoping for a nice day here, so the kids can run around in the baby pool, and the adults can sit in lawn chairs and sip cool drinks. Pictures on Sunday!


August 19, 2005. growing up.


  1. Ashley replied:

    Happy Birthday, SP! My hubby’s birthday is today too.

  2. chip replied:

    Good luck, and have fun! (Though I have to admit that’s one thing I don’t miss, the little toddler birthday parties, though both our kids have winter b’days and so they were always indoors…)

  3. comfort addict replied:

    I can’t wait for those pictures!

  4. Jen the Mom replied:

    How did the party go? Did you have a theme?

    I love my kids’ birthday parties. I get totally into it, getting presents and a theme with matching tablecloth, napkins, plates, etc.

    I love a good party.

  5. Jessica replied:

    Have a lovely b-day party! I hope you get some nice weather.

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