dog days

School starts in two weeks. I can’t wait, and neither can the Bumblebee. It’s too hot to play outside, and after this weekend’s party, landisdad & I had too much to do to take the kids to the pool yesterday.

Consequently we suffered the whining and misery of a girl who hasn’t seen her best friend since school got out.

A lesson to me for next year? When your daughter decides in the last two weeks of school to change best friends, you better get that girl’s digits. Because her family just might not be listed in the phone book. Or she might have a different last name than her mom.

Sure she’s seen other friends, and spent whole days happily playing with them. But not this one special friend, the one who (I’m sure) will be dumped two weeks after school starts. I actually had to convince her a few weeks ago that spending an afternoon telling her former best friend about how much she missed her new best friend might not be a great idea, in that it would hurt the former best friend’s feelings.

But it’s not just the Bee who’s in a cranky and irritable mood these days, it’s everyone in our house, especially me. I feel like I’m in a rut at work, and I’m bored with the stuff I’m working on right now, and just generally wishing for September so that I can move on to something more interesting.

No wonder people go away the last week of August. I need a change, and soon.


August 22, 2005. random other things. Leave a comment.