Here’s a link to my final post on the San Diego Reader’s website. I originally wrote this post back in April, when there were a slew of urban mommy/daddy bloggers pondering about moving to the suburbs–this was my perspective on the debate. Enjoy!


August 24, 2005. meta.


  1. comfort addict replied:

    Nice post. I grew up in a lily-white suburb of Detroit. My late mother took great pains to make sure that I spent lots of time as a tot around children of other races and economic backgrounds. I think that it really helped me.

    So much prejudice and bigotry comes from lack of understanding. Bringing diverse children together at an early age is an important way to foster that understanding and defeat an “us vs. them” mentality.

  2. Jim replied:

    Great post!

    I’m facing the same kind of dilemma. I live in a little hippie enclave just west of a huge suburban wasteland. A huge, throbbing dot of blue holding out against a red hoard. However, I work in that Red trash heap and the commute (as well as the consideration of childcare) is eating up precious time and money.

    I’m wondering how long I can hold my breath.

  3. Jessica D. replied:

    Interesting post – diversity is one of the reasons we stayed in the city. Our kids go to a private school that is about as diverse as a private school can be – it has a good scholarship program and an installment payment plan which makes it more accessible to people with lower incomes (but let’s face it, it’s still a private school). Still, there are quite a few people of color and diverse religious and social backgrounds. Our girls also went to a day care center where they were among very few white kids. We think it was good for them to be in the minority for at least a small part of their lives.

  4. Phil replied:

    Great posts at the Reader!

    A hard act to follow (guess who’s the next Blog World blogger), but I’ll give it my best shot.

    And who said blogging doesn’t pay?!

  5. alyson replied:

    I must say that those thoughts never occured to me. The decision on where to live has always been base on finances and crime. I would like to live where I can walk safely at night. I don’t care what colour my neighbours are. Thank you for taking me out my sheltered life and showing this point of view, I am happy to say that although I live a sort of suburban lifestyle that ther is some diversity.]

  6. Jessica replied:

    Great article/post! I remember you addressing some of these issues on your blog and never cease to be impressed with you, lady.

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