shaking with rage, and doing something about it

Okay, so I’ve been sitting in front of my computer and tv for the last six days, feeling helpless and frustrated. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve decided that not to act is putting me in a worse situation than to act. So I’m getting up from my computer, and I’m going door-to-door to my neighbors, to gather donations for the victims of Katrina. And then I’m gonna send them off to a software company named CoffeeCup, who has volunteered to deliver contributions of material things to the evacuees that are in South Texas.

I’m feeling frustrated, because when 9/11 happened, we knew where to send things, and what to send, almost immediately. There were flyers in all our stores, telling us who was taking donations of batteries, flashlights, socks. That hasn’t happened this time, though clearly the devastation is so much greater. I’m not really sure why that is, and I’m not that interested in playing the blame game right now (but I will be later, I bet).

I really just want to help, and I can’t help right now, other than to try to gather up some toys & books for kids who have lost theirs. My heart is breaking every time I watch another mother carrying another infant that is homeless, it breaks a little more.

UPDATE: So far, my neigbors have blown me away with their generosity. We sent four huge boxes of clothing (mostly kids’), toys & books to CoffeeCup on Tuesday, and I’ve got another eight boxes worth of stuff to ship out tomorrow. On Monday afternoon, I was sitting on the porch addressing & taping up the boxes, and one of my neighbors, a guy who works as a landscaper, walked up with a huge box of wipes. I had someone drop off a pack and play, too, although I haven’t figured out how I’m going to ship that one yet.


September 3, 2005. politically motivated.


  1. Done! « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] About a week after Hurricane Katrina, I blogged about my frustration at not being able to send tangible things and my plan to leaflet my neighborhood to collect donations for evacuees. I told folks that I would collect toiletries, kids’ books & toys, and clothing until September 24, and send them off. […]

  2. Sandra replied:

    I saw people on TV talking about the levees breaking in the days before the hurricane. Everyone knew the levees were in danger. (Not criticizing someone from Canada for not knowing, but what I mean is that all our government officials knew)

  3. alyson replied:

    I think that the problem is nobody thought it would be this bad. The people in the gulf coast, governement and citizens alike, the fedral government and other organizations.

    Last year weren’t there several hurricains headed for New Orleans but turned at the last minute. I guess everyone expected that to happen this time.

    Like 9/11 nobody, even the terrorists, foresaw the fall of the towers. I believe that no one foresaw the breaking of levy. But what do I know I’m from Canada.

    All I know is that I love my kids just a little bit more and i concider this a wakeup call. I may not be in danger of a hurricain but a major snow storm could shut down Calgary and how long could I last in my house. I know I don’t have enough water.

  4. Jim replied:

    You can see Grace’s blog to see my political feelings on this…

    As far as giving, go here:

  5. Leggy replied:

    Thanks for this suggestion- I will check them out myself and organize a donation drive in my area.

  6. Metrodad replied:

    I know what you mean. Watching these mothers care for their children is killing me. And though I’m moved by all the stories of tragedy, the ones involving children are breaking my heart.

  7. Ted Richardson replied:

    Disaster, such as these, bring out the bad and the good in many people. This weekend, I will blog for the victims, who are the good!

  8. thordora replied:

    I feel the same way, and it’s doubly hard when you live in Canada….I think I have a coworker down there with some connections, so I can send him stuff since he has a priest friend who’s ” in the trenches” so to speak….

    I can’t give money, but I too have kids stuff to give, since the thought of those kids breaks my heart…

  9. Comfort Addict replied:

    Mrs. CA and I went to Craig’s List and found that many people need things like air mattresses. We bought a bunch today and gave them to a group driving a truck down to Mississippi and Louisiana. Good luck.

  10. Dawn replied:

    good for you.

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