About a week after Hurricane Katrina, I blogged about my frustration at not being able to send tangible things and my plan to leaflet my neighborhood to collect donations for evacuees. I told folks that I would collect toiletries, kids’ books & toys, and clothing until September 24, and send them off.

My neighbors’ generosity overwhelmed me–we ended up sending 17 boxes of donations to the Gulf Coast. In addition to that, one of the times that I went to the post office to ship donations, a total stranger noticed what I was doing and insisted on giving me $20 to help cover the cost of shipping. I couldn’t help myself–I cried right there. I’m really happy that we did this, and I’m also glad that it’s done. (As is landisdad, who wasn’t all that happy about the stacks of boxes in our living room.)


October 4, 2005. politically motivated.


  1. Kathryn replied:

    Terrific job. Congrats for making that happen.

  2. Jessica replied:

    That’s awesome. Stories like this give me so much faith in the human spirit.

  3. Avik replied:

    words were perfectly chosen…very nice reading post… I’ve blogrolled you…hope u dont mind…

  4. marie replied:

    Wonderful gesture!

    I applaud you and your neighbours and the stranger who gave $20.00 for shipping.

    I love stories like this one.

    That’s why I have this website

    Thanks for caring,


  5. misti replied:

    you brought tears to my eyes, really. i see so many whining complaining blaming blogs it is WONDERFUL to see someone really actually doing something to help. as i toss my change into the “hurricane releif” buckets as i leave the grocery, i wonder if it will really help those who were hurt, and i realize that i will never know. You know. Your neighbors KNOW. you sent real help adn thats awesome!

  6. Leggy replied:

    Wow- good for you. Still trying to work with a school in LA to donate some desks, but then they had to evacuate from Rita and I’ve lost touch. Time to regroup and see if we can get these kids some desks to sit at.

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