The Tooth is Out There

For weeks, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the loss of the first baby tooth in our house. There’s been a lot of wiggling of a certain lower front tooth, but I was starting to worry that the Bee’s first lost tooth was going to be the incisor that she’s having extracted tomorrow. In fact, we had a whole conversation before bed tonight about how, if the tooth came out in the middle of the night, the Tooth Fairy might already have been to our house, and might not notice it until tomorrow. We had fun naming the various other states and countries she might be visiting–Grandma in Paris! the twin cousins in Japan! But not to worry.

Because tonight, Mother Nature decided to take Father Science out back behind the woodshed. And consequently, no novocaine was involved in the loss of our beautiful girl’s first tooth!

The Bee is the youngest kid in her class at school. Last year, when she was in kindergarten, she was really upset when some of her friends were losing teeth and she wasn’t even close. Up until tonight, she was the only kid in her class that hadn’t lost a tooth. No more.

Now, I just have to hope that I can scrape together tooth fairy money…how much is that again?


October 19, 2005. growing up, the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    Hmm. I have a feeling the Tooth Fairy is a little bit more generous now than when I was a child. A quarter probably won’t work!

    You all must be so relieved!

    Oh, great picture, by the way.

  2. not-for-profit-dad replied:

    Congrats to the Bee. I only wish my Boy Twin would get a tooth. Fourteen and a half months and still nothin’ but gums. I think he’s going for some kind of record.

  3. chip replied:

    our tooth fairy actually let our kids keep their teeth, plus gave them a golden Sacajewa (sp?) dollar for each one. BK is about to lose another tooth (he’s 11, this tooth losing process is a really long one), though since he now says he doesn’t believe in the tooth fairy, the tooth fairy no longer visits…

  4. Chocolate makes it better replied:

    the good old gappy grin….gotta love it.

    Hmmm….tooth fairy fare?….inflation, rising cost of fuel (oh hang on he has wings)…thats got to amount some serious dollars.

    But what the hell does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth??

  5. Mere replied:

    Wow! Congrats to the Bee! I’m sure inflation has raised the prize, but I got a buck for the first tooth and 25¢ for the rest. Until I got some molars removed when I was in high school – “the tooth fairy” humored me (LOL) and left me $5 per tooth!

  6. christie replied:

    so cute!

    When I was little it was quarter. But, that may have changed.

  7. Comfort Addict replied:

    What a cute picture that is! Unfortunately, I only have dogs. I don’t think that they loose their baby teeth (although they do like to have them massaged).

  8. Ashley replied:

    Sacajewa coins seem to be the norm here. My son is trying to be the first in his grade to lose all of his baby teeth.. He’s up to 9 so far.

  9. Library Lady replied:

    So I’m not the only one who uses Sacajawea dollars for tooth fairy money. I KNEW there was some good reason for those coins!

    At my house I have to “call” the tooth fairy–a neat trick I learned from a friend. It helps in many ways,especially when I forgot about it last time–SC just assumed I hadn’t made the phone call! 🙂

    JR (6), my “easy” teether, still has all her pretty pearly whites. SC (10) is losing molars. It’s ironic that a kid who teethed so LATE and with such difficulty started losing teeth early. All that hard work, and then they go and lose them…..

  10. landismom replied:

    Hmm, what is everyone’s source for Sacajaweas? I used to get them when I commuted by train (the change machine in the train station used them), but don’t think I have seen one since I started telecommuting. I guess I could just go make change at the train station….be a little weird to drive up, make change, and drive away again!

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