quick, somebody…

point me to a study that proves that calories consumed on Halloween don’t count the rest of the year!

Nothing? Drat, I was so hoping.

And now, for your viewing entertainment, a gratuitous series of Halloween-related photos:

painting pumpkins #1 & 2

At a Halloween party on Saturday night

On the way to school for the Halloween parade

And going out trick-or-treating.
(Why does the Potato look so serious? Candy acquisition is an important mission!)

Happy Halloween, everybody!


October 31, 2005. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. chip replied:

    great shots! I miss my little ones!!! Hope you and your kids had a great halloween.

  2. MetroDad replied:

    The Potato’s pumpkin is absolutely brilliant! One of the best examples of post-Modernism I’ve ever seen!

  3. Suzanne replied:

    I love how your daughter’s hand in the bottom photo looks like it’s protectively guiding her brother!

  4. Comfort Addict replied:

    They are just darling!

  5. Jessica replied:

    Landismom, I may die over this photo…they are so precious! And you are right, obtaining all that candy is serious business and hard work!

  6. Library Lady replied:

    Love the pictures–they look so cute. I remember my little brother being Spidey too–and this Halloween he’s celebrating birthday #41!

    Lucky kids to have a PARADE at school–around here they just have “harvest parties” and no costumes allowed!

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