So I had my first-ever blog play-date yesterday. Oddly, neither the other blogger or I managed to discuss whether or not we would blog about the experience. So I’m gonna let her out herself in the comments, if she’s so inclined, otherwise, you’ll just have to keep guessing until we come to some agreement. It was a lovely day, and a lovely time with much playground equipment.

Most of my weekend was spent trying to keep landisdad from contaminating the wee bairns. He came home early Friday with some kind of awful fever & stomach virus thing, and spent most of the next three days wrapped in a wool blanket and whimpering for mercy. It wasn’t pretty.

We’re getting ready to host our first post-kid Thanksgiving here. For the last six years, we’ve always gone to NYC for Thanksgiving, as landisdad’s grandmother wasn’t able to travel. This year, we decided that we should give his mom a break from the cooking, so we’re having her over, plus possibly some other family members. Unfortunately, that means I’m going to have to take apart my ‘office,’ which is currently located in our dining room. Grrr! I’m not looking forward to it very much. It’s a major cleaning job. On the plus side, maybe we’ll finally move the seven boxes of photographs out of this room…

Also, for those of you who arrived here via some search for a sweet potato pie recipe or other sweet potato cooking problems? Sorry, I’m not the cook in our family. Try here, here or here.


November 14, 2005. meta.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    Hey, you’re right — we never did discuss it! I hereby “out” myself. A fine time had by all.

  2. Mere replied:

    The blog playdate sounds like fun! I’m jealous. Though I have met several people that I met through online message boards and such. Always an interesting event. LOL!

    Hope landisdad is feeling better today.

  3. Jackie replied:

    seven boxes, huh? i’m taking a lot more pictures these days and trying to avoid that same phenomenon. How else to save pictures though, without being a scrapbooker?

  4. Jessica replied:

    I’m glad your blog date went well. So far, most of my favorite bloggers don’t live close to me so I won’t be having any more blog dates in the near future.

    Good luck with Thanksgiving. We’re having a small get together with just the four of us and Big D’s dad. Thanksgiving is the only day I actually LIKE to cook. And I make the standard, obnoxiously fattening sweet potato “casserole” (i.e. bake sweet potatoes with as much butter as your arteries can stand, piled high with a bag of marshmallows! Yum!)

  5. MetroDad replied:

    Hahaha…did you really get a bunch of readers to your site looking for sweet potato recipes? That’s hilarious!

  6. The Scarlett replied:

    I’m glad the blog playdate went well. Kids are an amazing icebreaker, aren’t they?

    I have a great recipe for some potatoes that can be made the day ahead; I’m going to include it early next week in my blog as it is my kids’ favorite ‘fancy’ potatoes. They are perfect for entertaining as they look like you really fussed (and they taste yummy, too).

    I hope landisdad gets well and the wee bairns stay healthy. BTW, I love the word ‘bairns’ as it makes me think of my yummy hubby in his yummy kilt for some reason.

  7. landismom replied:

    MD, yes. But I’m no cannibal. Keep your dirty forks off my son!

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