caution, kvelling mama ahead

We had the Bee’s parent-teacher conference today. Since I posted so much last year about our bad experiences with the kindergarten teacher, I thought I’d better update on the much more positive time she’s having in first grade.

Backing up, though–on the first day of school, we found out that the first grade teacher was pregnant, and would be going out on maternity leave in October or November (come on, we’ve all been there, we know it’s not an exact science). After the first couple of weeks, we went to back to school night, where I peppered this poor woman with questions about who the sub would be, and how various things would be handled in her absence. (I did apologize later for being crazy.)

I was really worried about what would happen with the transition. The Bee has her high maintenance moments, and I thought this might trigger one. My fears were all for naught.

In addition to the great academic report that we got from her regular teacher (which was read by the sub), the sub (who has now been there for a week and a half) talked about how the Bee always participates in class, and is always polite and helpful to the other kids. Landisdad and I sat there, unable to say anything as we beamed with pride. She showed us some of the Bee’s classwork, including her journal, and raved about how she writes much more than is required, and uses complicated, descriptive sentences.

I present to you the thoughts of a six-year-old girl, rendered in her own words (MD, you might want to skip this part.) You’ll have to imagine the kid print & illustrations.

“Look at what I’m doing in First grade! I’m ruyting (writing) in my jrnul evrey morning befor morning mesig (message)! I am a good friend. I help my friend plant a gardin. I could not swig my self. Now I can!”*

*For those who are not the parent of a kid learning to write, let me tell you that the current preferred method of teaching kids to write is to let them write free form, not to correct their spelling and grammar at every chance. I like it–it’s making her love to write stories, because she’s not worried about doing something wrong all the time.


November 15, 2005. growing up. 19 comments.