Tagged with a Thanksgiving meme

Scarlett tagged me with this Thanksgiving meme. It’s pretty time-sensitive, so I’m doing it right away! Here you go…

1) What are three items you have leftover from Thanksgiving that are in your refrigerator right now?

#1 At least four pounds of turkey
#2 About 2/3 of a pound of cranberries
#3 Some beautiful apple crisp

2) What kind of leftover treats will you make with the three items you listed?

Well, my regular readers will know that the answer to this question is, “none”

Here’s what landisdad will make.

#1 Some kind of Russian turkey pot pie, with rice, gravy & egg called kurnik (well, he actually made this yesterday–delicious!)
#2 Turkey tetrazzini (yum!)
#3 A delicious cranberry bread (okay, he made this today too)

3) How long will you keep the leftovers before you toss ’em out?

Probably we’ll keep the turkey for a few more days. I’m guessing everything else will be gone tomorrow.

4) Now that we’re done with the leftover talk it’s time to spread some linky love.

Okay, I’m thinking that by the time most folks will read this, it’s gonna be too late (or reveal too much) to talk about turkey leftovers. But if you’re not afraid to admit you’re still hanging on to the goods, leave me a link!


November 26, 2005. memes.


  1. The Scarlett replied:

    OMG you are awesome (and I’ll only admit to being up this late because I’m doing genealogy research). If I sound a little stupid, it is because of reading way, way too many pedigree charts!

  2. Ashley replied:

    We didn’t have turkey Thursday, we had Honeybaked Ham (YUM!). We have our “big” Thanksgiving dinner today at my husband’s grandmother’s home. I’ll bring home lots of leftovers which will get chucked before end of week.

  3. Jackie replied:

    We were at my mother-in-law’s, so no leftovers here either– I’d actually welcome some because we forgot to take any of the leftover she tried to foist upon us, and now we have no turkey, no pie, etc.

  4. chip replied:

    ha! for once we DON’T have any turkey leftovers because we went to friends’ house for t’giving. I hate turkey leftovers though my wife loves them. And another friend just called us to see if we had a turkey carcass we’d give him to make some kind of turkey stew. YUCK!!

    What was left from t’giving was parts of the two pies I brought to our friends feast — all gone now — and sweet potato stuff my wife made, which we brought back and which she’s going to make into sweet potato soup.

  5. Library Lady replied:

    Kurnik sounds interesting. Going to post the recipe?

    We have a care package from my mom, and if there’s enough it will probably end up as a “sort of” tettrazini from Desperation Dinners. My mother wouldn’t approve, but then again she’s not eating it!

    Wish we’d made the turkey because then I’d have the carcass for (yum) turkey chowder!

  6. Mere replied:

    Four pounds of turkey – I’m so jealous (we bought a free range turkey this year and we found out that most of the meat is in the thighs – dark meat. I’m a white meat lover, so I was a little disappointed. Oh well). The apple crisp sound yummy! Love tetrazzini anything – turkey sounds delish!

    Most of our leftovers are either eaten or pitched. Except for the desserts, of course. And those won’t last much longer. LOL!

    We made a wonderful turkey soup – boiled the carcass to get all the meat, added some rice and a handful of chopped veggies. Yummy! We’ll freeze most of it, so it will be around for a while.

    I love Thanksgiving. LOL!

  7. newsucnuse replied:

    OK, so I just figured out what a “meme” is yesterday, but this is a great one. And landisdad sounds pretty handy in the kitchen.

    I actually made turkey croquettes with a bunch of the leftovers and they were amazingly yummy.

    Still have some turkey left that will probably turn into a science experiment before we finally dispose of it, and some of my experimental yam and green apple casserole (very so-so), but other than that – it’s all gone.

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