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We had a snow day today. I blogged an amusing (to me, anyway) anecdote about it here. You can also see the photo that we’re using as our Christmas card picture there too.

I’m feeling utterly unprepared for the holidays this year. I’ve gotten a bunch of online shopping done, but I have barely even had time to look at the calendar, to figure out when I can take some time off. Happily, next week slows down, and the week after that is slower still, and then of course work life will totally shut down the week after Christmas, so there should be some time to relax and enjoy the kids.

A few days ago, I had the following conversation with the Bee:

Bee: “(girl in her class) says she doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. She says it’s just her dad who buys the presents. I told her that was crazy, because there’s no way that her dad can go out that late on Christmas Eve and buy all those presents. The stores aren’t open that late!”

LM: “Oh, really?”

Bee: “Yeah, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” (looks at me hopefully)

Yesterday, landisdad reported a similar conversation (only this time it was a boy in her class who didn’t believe in Santa).

I can see her trying desperately to hold on to her belief for one more year. I don’t remember how old I was when I stopped believing in Santa, but it must have been around this age. We’ve never particularly encouraged this belief, but we’ve never really discouraged it, either. I wonder sometimes what things I believe in, just because I still want to.


December 9, 2005. growing up.


  1. Jessica replied:

    In other life, I was married and had a step-son who was four years younger than my son (should blog about that sometime)…one day, my son (in 3rd or 4th grade) comes home and announces with authority, “I know there is no such thing as Santa…or the Tooth Fairy” He defied me to convince him otherwise and I didn’t even try. I did, however, explain to him how important it was for his much younger step-brother to still have the opportunity to believe – and my son said, “I won’t tell him there is no Santa, mom, I just want to help BE Santa for him.” Too cute.

    I miss having a little one who believes in Santa – it made Christmas so much more magical for me.

  2. ckb replied:

    I remember having that moment in my own childhood. “Dad, Tommy says that you are santa. Is that true?”



  3. Library Lady replied:

    From what I remember, my parents labeled some of the gifts “From Mom and Dad”, and I must have eventually figured out that they were the ones playing Santa.

    But it didn’t disillusion me–it was fun knowing they did that because they loved us.

    The magic is in the giving more than the getting–that’s what we learn as we grow up. At least that’s how it is for me.

    Hmm–new blog entry coming up, I think!

  4. absent.canadian replied:

    Heh. Cute photo. Just surfed in from BE!

  5. Desperate To Be a Housewife replied:

    Bella just figured it out at our house, but Budgie still believes. We just watched “Polar Express” last night with the kids. Has the Bee seen that? It’s all about believing in the jolly one.

    And such a good choice for your Xmas card picture! Love it!

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