we’re all complicit in the patriarchy

About 8 weeks ago, my son was introduced to the joys of football. Or as he calls it, ‘meatball’.

He has some ‘meatball’ jammies now.

He’s watched some on tv with his dad.

He points out pictures of ‘meatball’ players on the sports page.

Tonight, the Bee’s school had their holiday gift shop, where elementary school students get to buy cheap plastic crap for the people who love them. What did the Bee buy her brother for Christmas?

You guessed it. A ‘meatball’ of his very own. I can’t wait until he brings home his first cheerleader.


December 15, 2005. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. Leggy replied:

    LOL- welcome to the club. The club of mommies who don’t know how to handle those Y chromosome things (meatball, soldiers, etc.) that boys seem to always find, no matter how hard you try to hide them.

  2. chip replied:

    better meatball than football! No one here likes football, there’s no kid football league, so we have thankfully avoided that. BK is into soccer, which is fine by me, CB enjoyed her stint in the youth league soccer too.

    So I have to say, football is not in the y chromosome…

  3. Suzanne replied:

    “Meatball” seems so appropriate a term!

    My son has just ironed out the difference between football and baseball; I found it charming when he’d yell “touchdown” during a baseball game, but my husband would just shake his head.

  4. christie replied:

    lmao that’s cute.

    When Joe was 11 he went to this weeklong football camp and fell in love with it. He even started doing “drills” outside lol

  5. The Scarlett replied:

    Cam does lacrosse, squash, tennis and softball. He’s good at soccer but doesn’t like it. He also takes riding lesson at the stable. I don’t think we could handle another sport so I’m glad ‘meatball’ isn’t in his diet.

  6. fidget replied:

    bwahahah meatball, thats awesome!

  7. MetroDad replied:

    Uh oh, LM. Looks like it’s all starting for you now. Next thing you know, your little boy is going to be watching “meatball” games on TV, putting his feet up on the table, scratching his balls, and belching out grape soda.

  8. Doppelganger replied:

    Ha! Meatball. I love it.

    My husband, while a total outdoor enthusiast, absolutely loathes organized sports. His worst fear is that Sam — being a big kid — will get recruited into the worlds of hockey and rugby (the big sports in our part of Canuckistan), and he’ll be forced to spend thousands of hours at practices and games.

  9. Cheryl Fuller replied:

    My kids were both born in the 70’s when we were earnestly trying — and foolishly believing we could succeed — non-sexist childrearing, you know with dolls for the boy and trucks for the girl. But they absolutely refused to cooperate with us. The girl saw trucks as vehicles for her dolls and the boy dismantled the doll and made guns out of the limbs. We were humbled.

    BTW, they have both turned into exactly the kinds of people we hoped the whole non-sexist thing would produce — gentle, considerate and feminist.

  10. Comfort Addict replied:

    Don’t despair, Landismom. Being a conscious person and a “meatball” (veggie in my case) fan are not necessarily exclusive (although multiple personalities help). I don’t like the violence, sexism and meanness that comes along with the sport. However, I do marvel at the incredible physical skill that these young people display.

    I have complete confidence that you and Landisdad will raise the potato as a fine son, with or without meatballs.

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