Happy New Year!

We’re not big celebrators of New Year’s Eve here in BBSP land. Today, the Bee has a playdate with a friend from school, which left the Potato temporarily bereft until he was tempted with a round of gorilla-butterfly. (One of the best games that landisdad invented to play with the kids is gorilla, where they put gloves on their feet, wear hats, and dance around the family room to obscure late 70s punk tunes. [On actual records!] Sometimes, instead of gorillas, they play butterfly, which involves everyone except LD wearing one of our many pairs of fairy wings. Today, it’s a mashup.)

Later, one of the adults will probably run to the store to buy champagne, and if we’re lucky, we’ll manage to stay up until midnight to drink it. Generally, we have some kind of video marathon, which may involve either The War of the Worlds or the box set of The Office this year.

I’m more one to make life-changing resolutions around my birthday, rather than at New Year’s. There’s something about mid-winter that deters me from self-improvement. I feel like hunkering down with a big slab of chocolate and several gallons of wine for several months, rather than abstaining in favor of a new, improved me. (Of course, my penchant for the status quo does not extend to my spouse or children. If only the Bee would resolve to keep her room cleaner, and the Potato would refrain from hitting his sister!)

Thanks everyone for your many comments about the sibling rivalry situation. LD and I were very comforted to read that so many other people are going through the same thing. I told LD that the thing I like most about the parenting blogosphere is the support that one finds there. It’s not the advice (although that’s good too), it’s the knowledge that our experience is universal that helps make it more bearable somehow.

Have a wonderful New Year, and I’ll ‘see’ you in 2006!


December 31, 2005. random other things.


  1. Kdubs replied:

    Happy New Year~ cheers!

  2. elise replied:

    Happy New Year!

  3. Comfort Addict replied:

    Happy New Year, Landismom. I always make resolutions at this time of year. They help carry me through the cold.

  4. Library Lady replied:

    Happy, Happy New Year!

  5. Jackie replied:

    Happy New Year! We play butterfly here too!

    I’m coming in late on the sibling rivalry thing, but chiming in anyway– my girls think it’s fun lately to race each other everywhere and then scream hysterically that Kid A “is not WAITING for THEM!” and then fall on the ground, crying, while the other kid runs away, giggling with evil glee.

    I’m used to them fighting, but taking such glee in it? chilling! but then I remember my sister and I, and I realize it will all fall away someday, even it takes twenty years, like it did with us.

  6. Jay replied:

    Happy, happy year.

  7. Trasherati replied:

    “big slab of chocolate, several gallons of wine”…and I’ll join you with gigantic wedges of cheese. That’ll see us through until our birthdays – aging is a better motivator for keeping resolutions that the calendar flipping anyway!

  8. Suzanne replied:

    Happy New Year! Your New Year’s Eve sounds just about my speed. At least this year I stayed up until midnight…

  9. The Scarlett replied:

    Happy New Year.

    BTW, love the gorilla picture with the foot/gloves.

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