I’m a weirdo

I was tagged by Library Lady to reveal 5 weird things about myself. I’m offended, because of course, I’m totally normal. Okay, stop laughing! No, really, I’m just quirky.

1. I can be hyper-efficient. How else could I spend so much time blogging? It has its downside, though, because occasionally I forget that I’m human and make scheduling mistakes that are just enormous, due to my confidence that I am able to get things done faster than the speed of light.

2. I have a lot of books next to my bed. I won’t shelve a book until I’ve read it. But am I ever going to actually read The Anti-Theatrical Prejudice? I mean, it’s been there since we moved into our house. And longer–I think I bought it in 1998. Still, it stays in my to-be-read pile.

3. I spent a significant amount of time in my adolescence and early adulthood being pretty poor, which made me make some weird spending choices. (Cigarettes? or food?) I scrimp on stuff that I don’t have to now (like, I’ll keep using the same shampoo bottle until there’s nothing left inside except air), but then I’ll blow a huge amount of money buying clothes that my kids are going to wear for maybe a year.

4. I hate cooked tomatoes, but only if they’re still visually recognizable as tomatoes (ie–does not apply to tomato paste in pasta sauce or pizza form). This is attributable to the Great Stewed Tomato Incident of 1977. My mom was old-school–you finish what’s on your plate. Even if it makes you vomit.

5. If I’m not running the meeting, I’m heckling the person who is. And possibly other people involved.

I just added a bunch of new people to my blogroll, so I’m going to pick on some of them.
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January 6, 2006. memes.


  1. Trasherati replied:

    I, too, had a Great Stewed Tomato Incident in 1977. My stepdad insisted on making spaghetti every weekend that he had us, but poverty dictated that the “sauce” was…a can of stewed tomatoes. It was a veeery long battle of the wills, but I eventually won. Ack. I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth from the memory.

  2. fidget replied:

    I had a great fried egg incident.. breakfast, lunch, dinner… finallyy chocked it down. To this day i will NOT eat fried eggs and gag at the sight of them. Heckling others at meetings? I take it your job is highly secure LOL

  3. Lena replied:

    Hi there,

    I really like your writing style! You transition from deep to funny very well. I will definitely add you to my blogroll! And I’ll be back.:)

  4. Kdubs replied:

    I hear ya on the mommma forcing you to eat! BLAK! I like being in charge and am super efficient as well LOL!!!

    Cheers… I just finished one me me… on to the nexT! I love it!

  5. Christie replied:

    I am the exact same way with #3

  6. Virenda replied:


    Okay that is too funny, 2-5 I completely get, number one well I am such a procrastinator that I couldn’t say I am efficient with a strait face, well that or lightening might strike me down. 🙂 I look forward to your future posts and just want to know you’r going to have a new reader now. also would you mind if I added you to my link list? My blog is a little different then yours and I am still new, so lol it’s up to you. 🙂

  7. Sandra replied:

    I have the weird spending patterns, too, and for the same reason. Once poor, but now well off, I will spend money on a nice hotel but I re-use ziploc bags and I can’t bring myself to spend what it costs for a decent haircut & color.

  8. moonface replied:

    My parents were like that too – forcing us to finish every single little bit on the plate (although they now deny ever doing this! hah!). They used to say that if you leave food on your plates your children would be ugly!! 🙂

  9. Emma replied:

    I’ve had a Rib incident of ’87 (first grade). Ukk.

    I just found your blog through blogexplosion and it is interesting- keep up the good work!

  10. Wendy Wings replied:

    I have been tagged by this meme as well and have yet to do it. I don’t think I am weird enough to come up with anything !

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