finally, some good news!

If you’re a relatively new reader of my blog, you’ll have missed these posts, which dealt with our frustrations with the Bee’s kindergarten teacher last spring. I found out today that Mrs. X is retiring.

I managed not to do a happy dance of joy in the school library, because I thought it would be unseemly. But I was doing it on the inside.

You cannot possibly imagine how happy I am that the Potato will not have to have her as a teacher.

It’s funny, because I had just been having a conversation with my neighbor, whose son is in kindergarten this year, about how much he likes kindergarten and how happy she has been with Mrs. X. I spent a lot of time last year scaring her with stories about Mrs. X, and I think she was mostly relieved that her son escaped those experiences. Mrs. X plays favorites, so I’m not terribly surprised that she has treated this woman’s son well–I never thought she was awful to everyone, just to the Bee and one or two other kids.

And I realize that running a full-day kindergarten class of 24 kids is a challenge for even the best teacher. Mrs. X only has a half-day aide, and is by herself for the rest of the day. I’m sure that, were I in her position, I’d run screaming after a week. On the other hand, I know my own strengths and weaknesses pretty well, and I’d never put myself in that position.

I had a lot of trepidation when the Bee entered first grade this year. I was worried that the problems that she had in kindergarten were all about her–that somehow, she wasn’t mature enough for school, or something. Those fears have proved largely groundless, and she’s doing great. She never had academic issues, it was all about behavior, and we haven’t gotten one bad behavioral report this year, even after some probing. Clearly, there was bad blood between her and Mrs. X (and me and Mrs. X, I can’t leave that out). It’s amazing how much pressure it can put on you as a parent, to think that your kid is struggling in school.

Now, I have two things to be happy about. The first is that the Bee’s current teacher is great, and the Bee is learning a lot! It’s amazing to me that such a turnaround could occur in just a year. And the second is that I can stop worrying about having to sit through another parent-teacher conference with Mrs. X ever again!


January 11, 2006. thoughtful parenting.


  1. Suzanne replied:

    Phew! Dodged a bullet there, huh? I haven’t had a parent-teacher conference yet; our first one is coming up in the spring. Oh the pressure!

  2. moonface replied:

    I have never liked parent teacher conferences – not as a student, as a teacher or as a parent, and I’ve been in all three situations.

    So glad things are looking good now for you and the kids.

  3. Kdubs replied:

    Awwww I’m so sorry you went through all that! I am an ex teacher and I was once hated by a parent cause I didn’t “give” her child all A’s. Hmm…. LOL…. That was my worst situation. I suppose that’s good.

  4. christie replied:

    my sister, Diana’s, kindergarten teacher was an old mean bat. She had looong red nails, would yell at the kids stick her long red nails in their faces. My mom got Diana out of that class….

    Glad to know Bee’s K teacher won’t be teaching anymore. We need good teachers- not just someone to sit there while the kids are there.

  5. Leggy replied:

    Yeah- I’m glad Mrs. X is retiring. I remember how stressful that was for you. Glad to hear the Bee is doing so well this year. Its amazing what some maturity, a new teacher, and a change of scenery do.

  6. Library Lady replied:

    Understand completely how you feel–when I found out the Evil Gym Teacher had left our school, I raced up and yelled to SC: “The wicked witch is dead!”

    (Of course,she hasn’t seen “The Wizard of Oz”, but when I told her the news, she got the point!)

    She had a HORRIBLE second grade teacher. (Who left the school, thank goodness, so I don’t have to worry about who SC gets next year!) I still don’t know what the woman’s problem was, but she was the only teacher my girl has ever had who didn’t like her! We are STILL dealing with the problems she caused SC in math, so I am glad to know that Bee overcame her kindergarten blues, and that you don’t have to worry about Potato getting Mrs X!!

  7. Lena replied:

    Teachers make all the difference in how your child learns. So glad things are shaking out for you!

  8. Queen Beth replied:

    Having bad teachers is frustrating and it makes you become so afraid that your child will hate school forever because of them. My daughter had a bad teacher the beginning of this year for 2nd grade. She yelled at the class, complained of being tired and was very sarcastic to children asking her what she thought were “dumb” questions. My daughter literally would shut down in her class. I pulled her out after a month and had her moved into another class and my daughter is very happy. I’m glad your other child will not have to experience Mrs. X and I’m sure you are relieved that your 1st grader is enjoying school this year!


  9. The Scarlett replied:

    My kids have, for the most part, had wonderful teachers and this makes the ones from hell stand out. Kirby, my autistic child was deemed by professionals to be capable of being in a regular classroom with his own aide. He had the most experience kindergarten teacher in the school district and she assured me she was ready for him. I didn’t realize that by ready for him she meant ready to dismiss all of the prepping I tried to give her for success with him. I had no less than four emergency meetings that year and I consider it the worst year of my life with the seond worse being the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    I’m glad teacher X is retiring in the same way that I’m glad Cameron didn’t end up going to Kirby’s school. What a relief!

  10. Daydreams and Musings replied:

    It’s great that you won’t have to worry about the Potato having a teacher that plays favorites. What I love about M Girl’s K teacher is that she seems to genuinely love ALL of her children. Whenever I walk into her classroom, I feel nothing but good feelings.

    Her Junior K teacher last year was kind of a cold fish at the beginning of the year but we loved her by the end. She had a well-disciplined class, M Girl learned a ton and the teacher gave such in-depth and insightful comments on M Girl’s reports – we were sad to see her leave the school this year. But it turns out that she couldn’t deal with 4 & 5 year old BOYS – ALL the boys in the class got repeated letters home for bad behavior! (some of them really deserved it but some of them probably didn’t – it’s hard to believe that every boy in the class was that poorly behaved). Her background was at an all-girls school – in the end all the parents of girls loved her and all the parents of boys couldn’t stand her! Perhaps it’s for the best if she sticks with teaching girls.

  11. Comfort Addict replied:

    I’m Xtremely Xcited that X has decided to Xit and allow all to Xperience Xcellent and Xpert education.

    Seriously, I had a rough kindergarten, too. Were it not for my feisty mom and an inspirational first-grade teacher who deliberately took all of the square pegs (i.e. the bright, non-conforming kids) into her class, things might have continued that way. So congratulations for the Tater and keep fighting if you run into idiot teachers in the future.

  12. Jessica replied:

    This is great news, LM! I did not get along well with my kindergarten teacher – I remember feeling very nervous around her. My son, though, was fortunate enough to have a really special woman as his first teacher.

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