the big boy bed

This is a momentous day here in landisville. The Potato’s big boy bed is being delivered. As of tonight (crossing fingers), no one in our house will be sleeping in a crib anymore. I’m conflicted about it, of course, because while I want my kids to grow up, it’s another one of those ‘not my baby anymore’ moments.

Now, I have to admit that the bittersweet quality is tainted by the fact that we bought the friggin’ bed over Labor Day weekend. When we ordered it (and a desk for the Bee, that her grandmother was buying her for her birthday), they told us it could take up to 12 weeks for delivery. Needless to say, it’s been a bit beyond that. Happily, I’ve convinced the store owner that he really should cut us an enormous break on the price, given the fact that we’ve been so patient.

So we’ve kept our baby a baby a little while longer than we planned to. Of course, bedding junkie that I am, I bought a ton of sheets and blankets for the Potato months ago, and now they’re finally going to get put to good use. I didn’t think that the flannel sheets would be the first ones to go on his bed, but evidently, I was wrong.

The Bee is also excited about her ability to start doing her homework at her brand new desk, instead of at the kitchen table. Her grandmother bought her a bunch of homework supplies for her birthday (back when we still believed that this stuff would be delivered in 2005), and they’ve been hanging out forlornly in her bookcase ever since. When she comes home from school today, I’m sure that she’ll run up to check it out and put all her things away (finally!). I’m less sure that when it comes down to it, she’s going to want to do her homework there, since she usually wants to be near us when she comes home.

It’s these little rites of passage that get me. The Potato having a bed. The Bee sitting at a desk. They’re such wonderful kids, but it’s easy to forget that in the daily scrum of getting through the day, and so I really appreciate the chance to stop and think about how much they are learning and growing and doing every single day.

Now, I just have to hope that the truck actually shows up here…


January 25, 2006. growing up.


  1. christie replied:

    that is so great! Seems like it would make me a little reminiscent as well. It’s a big deal but so great 🙂

  2. meagan replied:

    Awww…. Pretty soon they will be driving cars. Sorry. Don’t mean to freak you out.

    We have been waiting for our furniture for 5 weeks. It was supposed to come in 3-4 weeks. My patience. It is thin. But yours took longer and that scares the crap out of me.

  3. Jessica replied:

    Awwww….they are growing up so fast, aren’t they?

  4. The Scarlett replied:

    I love putting new bedding on a bed. I’ll bet Bee will be the Queen Bee with her new desk! How fun!

  5. Suzanne replied:

    I hope all goes well with delivery and initial use of the bed! And there’s nothing like a new desk and new office, I mean school, supplies, to provide motivation to do some work (even if it’s temporary!).

  6. kdubs replied:

    WAHHHH! I’m already a wreck today. I know. My son is growing up way too fast. I want to scream FREEZE some days.

  7. Li replied:

    You are ripping at my heart. I just went through this not so long ago. D is three.But the sweetness evolves into pat-pat-pat, wake up momma! Love that, even if it was at 5:30 this am! It is ALL good.

  8. Library Lady replied:

    Ack–furniture delivery! We went through that with SC’s loft bed–the one that came missing a piece and that it took them 3 tries to fix. There are definite advantages to buying it from Ikea–at least when we haul it home, it’s THERE!

    As hard as it is dealing with babies, losing that crib IS traumatic. My only consolation is that it went to our darling great-niece. I’d have hated to give it to Salvation Army or sell it at a consignment sale!

  9. Terra replied:

    It’s so sad when the “baby” starts growing up. Although I wonder no matter how many babies I had would it ever be enough?

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