Oh blissful weekend

This has been a pretty stressful week, what with landisdad’s last day of work at his old job, plus the major project at my job coming to a crescendo. Also, we’re having new drains put into our basement, which means that for the past two days, we’ve had a bunch of guys with a jackhammer and a wet saw drilling holes in the floor and covering the house with dust. We’ve got tiny paw prints all over the first floor, because the cats keep going down there and walking around in the muck, and then coming back upstairs with a kind of shell-shocked look on their faces, as they pad around with toes covered with concrete goo.

I’ll be very happy when we have a drier basement, where we can store things without worry that they’ll be destroyed forever in a heavy rain. Plus, we’ll be refinishing a basement room, so the kids have a playroom that they can jump around in (assuming that it ever becomes cold this winter). But I’m even more excited to be having a weekend with no major commitments, and also no construction. Hope you all have a good one.


February 3, 2006. random other things. 6 comments.