This weekend, we had to get a new cell phone for landisdad (he had to give up the one attached to his previous job). After about 30 seconds in the store, the Bee noticed this, and spent the rest of our time there badgering me for one. I said, ‘Bee, you didn’t even know it existed until 30 seconds ago, and you’re certainly not getting one.’

WTF? Who was it that decided to market a cell phone to kids? Does anyone actually buy a cell phone for an elementary school student? I mean, I think the Bee is pretty responsible for her age. Chip wrote a post last week about the lost-and-found box in his son’s school, and it made me realize that the Bee is really quite good about bringing stuff home from school. But I still wouldn’t trust her with a cell phone, and I find it hard to believe that any other 1st grade parent would either. And who, exactly, is a 5- or 6-year-old supposed to be calling?

I can’t even imagine what void in the parent’s life this is supposed to fill. So here’s my question for you, oh parents of older children (that is, older than mine)–what’s the age at which you got your kids a phone? or imagine that you will get them one? Do you think that a kid aged 5-12 is old enough to responsibly manage cell-phone use? And if so, do you ever have any rollover minutes?


February 5, 2006. thoughtful parenting. 11 comments.