I am (also) Charlotte Simmons

I’ve been reading Tom Wolfe’s newest novel, I Am Charlotte Simmons for the past few days. I bought it when it first came out, but it got mixed reviews, and that kept me from reading it right away. I was sort of meh about it, until about four or five chapters in when Charlotte gets dropped off at college by her parents, at which point, I flashed back to my own first semester of college, and I’ve been sucked in ever since.

I had a pretty weird experience of entering college. About three weeks before I was supposed to go to school, my dad and I had a big fight. A fight that ended with (depending on who you ask) him kicking me out of the house, or me running away from home. Since you’re asking me, not him, my version is that he kicked me out of the house. As evidence, I submit the following: 1) he also called my brother and told him not to come home; 2) he changed the locks on our apartment and 3) he bought bars to lock all the windows with. For the most part, this fight had to do with a guy I was seeing at the time, a guy who did turn out to be a major creep, but that’s not really the point of this story. (more…)


February 13, 2006. books for grown-ups. 16 comments.