camping out

I was trying to remember, earlier today, when it was that I first slept out in the backyard, as a kid, trying to imagine how old the Bee will be when she wants to camp out. My 11th birthday party was a sleepover, and happened when Skylab was falling to earth. I spent the whole night looking up at the stars, convinced that a huge piece of metal was about to fall on my head.

There was something magical about sleeping in a big tent in the backyard with three of my friends, running around in the backyard with a flashlight and giggling outside where no adults could hear us and say, “it’s time for bed, now go to sleep.” My parents had a ton of camping equipment, and back in those days, I still thought sleeping on the ground was fun.

Interestingly, tonight the Bee dragged all her blankets onto the floor and made herself a bed there. We’ll see how long it lasts–I don’t think that sleeping on hardwood floors are all that comfortable, but maybe she’ll make it through the whole night there. She and her best friend have been on a big imaginary play thing lately–last weekend, they made a tent out of some chairs and a blanket, and then a few days ago, they put all the blankets on the floor so they could float down the Nile, as Egyptian princesses. (Okay, that was sort of my suggestion.)

It’s too cold now for the outdoor camping experience, and I don’t think that the Bee is really old enough to do it yet anyway, but I think she’s gonna love it when the time is right.


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