Work continues on the basement, and I’m getting a little tired of it.

It’s not the approximately sixty-seven boxes that are stacked in the dining room/my office.

It’s not the layer of dust coating every surface in our house.

It’s not the parade of inspectors and sub-contractors.

It’s not even our contractor himself, a lovely guy who has been upfront in all his dealings.

It’s the fucking cat litter in the bathroom that’s really getting to me.

When landisdad and I bought our house, one of the things that I was most excited about was the ability to put the cat litter in the basement. The people that we bought our house from had cats, and there was already a cat door cut into the basement. I thought, “huzzah, no more accidentally walking on spilled cat litter at 2 in the morning! No more having to sweep the bathroom floor every day!”

At least (knock wood), the Potato hasn’t decided to ‘investigate’ the box yet, if you know what I mean.


February 24, 2006. random other things.


  1. christie replied:

    We live in a tiny apt so our litter box is int he computer room- blech!

  2. Leggy replied:

    This is one of the things I hate about going to my mom’s new house. Its tiny and the litter box (although in the closet) permeates throughout the house. Ugh!

  3. Trasherati replied:

    I feel you. Right now ours is right in the hallway. Gross, but the only place that isn’t occupied by people 24/7. We’re building a house and the thing that makes me happiest about the design is the fact that the cat boxes can be either in the basement or the utility room. Or both, if necessary.
    There is nothing (much) grosser than stepping in cat litter. Godspeed on the construction work!

  4. kdubs replied:

    That would gross me out. LOL. I hope it turns out like you’d like it to and it’s all worth it girl.


  5. Lena replied:

    That IS foul. Especially if it gets wet. At least you don’t have a dog…with an affinity for an afternoon “snack”. Ewwwww!

  6. Suzanne replied:

    Renovations — so much money, so little fun. I hope that the basement is so finished soon and that the cat litter can go back into hiding.

  7. moonface replied:

    I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in no time, when all the reno work is done and you have a fab new home.

  8. Library Lady replied:

    We actually have one in the living room. It’s behind a chair and I hope to move it to a fancy “litter chest” I bought as soon as possible, but it’s really not that much of a pain. It’s a closed box, the Man cleans it daily and we’ve got plastic floor runner under it that catches the litter spills.

    I know that may gross people out, but since we added that litter box to the one in the upstairs hallway, Bella the cat has stopped peeing on the furniture. And I’d rather have a litter box behind the chair than plastic covers on all my furniture!!

  9. Phil replied:

    Our new house has an unfinished basement, and I’m with you… My favorite thing about it is that we could put the litter box down there. And the two cats as well. They love having their own space where they can hide from the kids. I made a little hidden nook for them with the litter box, food and water dishes, and round bed.

    At night, our cats cry for me to put them in the basement. It’s not that they can’t just go in there by themselves… What they want is for me to shut the door and turn off the light.

  10. elise replied:

    I have two cats and a kitten and my cats are monster sized (almost 17 lbs and not just fat) so instead of a puny normal sized litter box I bought a low sided storage box (probably meant to slip under the bed). It probably measures around 18″X24″. I cut the lid so that it was mostly open but left a little lip around it. They still would kick the litter all over the place. So, my quest continued and I went and bought a deep sided storage container that was just a little bigger than my “litter box”. I put the litter box inside of it and cut a dip out of one side for them to enter and exit. Believe it or not most of the litter stays in it. My cats would never fit into one of those enclosed things and I think it scares some cats away from using the litter box. This way the sides are really tall but its open on top. I need to be careful because like one of the commenters my cats will pee on the furniture or where ever else seems more convenient to them. They like plastic bags for some reason so I can’t cover my furniture, I just have to make them happy with their litter box. So far in their 8 years with us I’ve only had a half dozen “accidents”, but I’m pretty careful. Sorry this is so long, but if anyone can understand it, it really helps alot with the litter mess.

  11. elise replied:

    Its me again, I just can’t stop blabbing! LOL!
    I keep the cover off the deep sided container, but I just thought that if someone had their box in a visible place they could keep the cover and cover it when guests came so it would at least look a little better and if their cats didn’t mind, they could even keep it covered all the time. I’m sure my cats would not like a cover though. Now I sound like a hint from Helouise! I could send a picture to anyone interested. I’m serious, but I’m also laughing hysterically at myself right now!! I’m having way to much fun and I think I may be insane….

  12. Jim replied:

    Yes, there is not much more disconcerting than to walk in to find your babe half way through finishing his/her meal of a kittie cookie…

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