the Potato’s affright

Tonight, we had a family reading night at the Bee’s school, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday. It’s mostly organized by the teachers, with some of the parents (including yours truly) pitching in to help. The kids get all amped up from being at school at night, and having their parents and their friends and their teachers in the same place. It’s always a fun event, with crafts, a used book ‘store’, someone doing face painting, and other activities.

But the main attraction is that there are guest readers in all the classrooms reading stories to the kids. They’re usually people like the mayor, a firefighter, a local TV newsperson, etc. One of the guest readers this year was a local sports mascot–a guy dressed in a shark suit. At one point, landisdad and I were discussing whether he needed to take the Potato home to bed, when the shark came down the stairs and into the hall we were standing in. The Potato froze with his mouth open and eyes as round as two buttons.

The shark saw the Potato, and was doing some goofy stuff to me, trying to make him laugh, but all it did was freak the poor kid out more. When he finally left, I picked up the Potato, and he put his head down on my shoulder and buried his face in my neck. I think he thought the shark was going to eat me. All the way home, he kept saying to landisdad, “I scared of shark, Daddy.”


March 2, 2006. random other things.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Awww. Poor thing. Our school does the same thing in the fall. It is fun, although we’ve never had guest readers. That’s a great idea.

  2. kdubs replied:

    Awwwww Im sorry he froze. I actually love school performances and I usually cry.. I have no idea why LOL. I was a little lost on who the shark is? May be I missed something.


  3. Suzanne replied:

    Poor Potato! I hope he soon forgets about the Land Shark.

  4. MetroDad replied:

    Awww, poor potato. Although I have to admit, after reading Suzanne’s comment, that I’m now practically giggling out loud, thinking about John Belushi as the landshark on SNL.

  5. MetroDad replied:

    Awww, poor potato. Although I have to admit, after reading Suzanne’s comment, that I’m now practically giggling out loud, thinking about John Belushi as the landshark on SNL.

  6. chip replied:

    sometimes we forget just how realistic costumes and masks are to little kids. I scared both of my kids to death a few times wearing one of those monster face masks that fits over your face. They really got upset and cried and cried.
    I hope the Potato isn’t permanently traumatized by his shark experience…

  7. Comfort Addict replied:

    Yikes. My then little sister (now over 40) had a similar incident with a clown at a department store. I remember it taking a while to get over it. I hope that the Potato does better. To me, however, this just confirms what a sensitive, aware young fellow he is (a harbinger of high consciousness in later life).

  8. Library Lady replied:

    Kids are terrfied of costume characters. Or, to quote Robin Williams on taking his son to Disney Land “Mickey Mouse to a 2 year old is a 6 foot f**king RAT!”

    One of my brother-in-laws does costume characters–it’s his passion and would be his career if he could make it pay. When SC was 2 he told me on the phone he was planning on wearing his “Care Bear” costume when he came over to my in-laws for Christmas. I told him DON’T–it will scare her, but he was SURE she’d love it.

    Not only would she not come into the same room as him, she would not go IN that room for several hours. Fortunately, she seemed to forget about it, and it doesn’t seem to have scarred her for life, but he never tried to do that again at the holidays!

  9. kkt replied:

    awww poor kid.

    that’s a great idea though! i love it!!

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