the other woman

miss yvonne 2.gif

I believe that my son is experiencing his first crush. And yes, it’s Miss Yvonne from PeeWee’s Playhouse. Also known as the Most Beautiful Woman in Puppetland. Check out that hair! Plus you have to have a certain amount of respect for a woman who never goes out without a crinoline or twenty.

I guess I always knew this day would happen. I just didn’t think he’d fall for a woman who’s been a professional actress since I was three. Kids today…


March 9, 2006. random other things.


  1. moonface replied:

    your son’s got a crush? according to my daughter, she’s already got herself a boyfriend.

  2. chip replied:

    wow, peewee’s playhouse. We used to watch that before we had kids, it was a real trip. I have to say that for a 3 year old Potato’s got excellent taste!

  3. MetroDad replied:

    I’m glad Potato’s got a crush. I think it’s cute. Besides, it’s nice to have someone to comfort you whenever you get attacked by land sharks!

  4. Library Lady replied:

    SC had a thing for “Steve” on Blue’s Clues, though she denies it to this day.

    JR seemed to especially like Murray from the WIggles, she’d say “Murray is my big red friend!” Which I really preferred to her REAL crush of the time, a nasty little blond boy at preschool. Her teacher told me she used to hold his hand while they were waiting in line for the bathroom–how romantic (!)

    Fortunately the crop in her elementary school seems less to her liking. But I am bracing myself for things to come!

  5. CroutonBoy replied:

    Look at the bright side…at least it’s not a crush on Pee-Wee!

    If it’s any consolation, I used to have a crush on one of the Mouseketeers. At least they didn’t talk to globes and chairs…

  6. Comfort Addict replied:

    Awww, that’s so cute. Now, wait until he has his first accessible crush (another threshold, I’ll bet).

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