we’re subverting the dominant paradigm…

one seven-year-old girl at a time.

The Bee: “Dad, can you braid my hair?”

The Bee’s friend: “Your dad can braid hair?” (gives quizzical look)

The Bee: “Sure.”

The Bee’s friend: “Can he do mine?”

March 11, 2006. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. kdubs replied:

    That’s VERY sweet and way to go on the braiding hair!!!!!! Go dad!

  2. Comfort Addict replied:

    Cool. I love to hear those paradigms shattering!

  3. christie replied:


  4. Jennifer replied:


  5. chip replied:

    I have to admit that’s one of my failures as a dad, I never could get the braiding thing down. Whenever I did it there were all these extra wild hairs sticking out of the braid… I tried though 🙂

  6. Suzanne replied:

    Go, Landisdad! My experience with braiding is much like Chip’s. If my daughter would like expertly braided hair, she’ll have to go to her grandfather (my father-in-law). He was always the one to do his daughters’ hair, whether it was braids or curls or up-do’s. He also used to sew dresses for his wife, and make curtains. Another paradigm-buster, I guess!

  7. politically incorrect mom replied:

    My uncle used to do his daughter’s hair in the morning (just because he did the parent at home in the morning and his wife went to work early so she could be home in the afternoon), but she always said that her dad gave her a “yucky ponytail.” And his feelings were kind of hurt, but what he learned is that every time he did her hair the ponytail would fall out at school and her teacher would have to fix it for her. But he tried… doing hair isn’t my thing either and I’m a girl.

  8. Li replied:

    damn…you rock, Bee!!!

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