being a white ally

I just got back from a conference that I’ve been at all week. Sadly, there was no wifi there, so I was utterly unable to blog. I opened my bloglines tonight for the first time since Saturday, and I had 441 new feeds. Seriously. And only 76 of them were Wonkette! I’m slowly working my way through, and I’m not commenting much, but I am reading.

But I’ve got a serious issue that I want to discuss with you, oh internet, and I can’t wait until I wade through all your blogs to do it.

There’s some fairly divisive things going on in my workplace recently, some of which revolve around race. Which leads me to my question of the day:

If you’re a white person in a mixed worksite, how do you behave in a way that supports your co-workers of color, without trying to speak for them?

If you’re a person of color in a mixed worksite, how do you want to be supported by white allies? (assuming that you do)


March 23, 2006. politically motivated, random other things. 9 comments.