have I mentioned that pseudoephedrine is not my friend?

No, really. The first time I took prescription allergy meds, I was about 12 years old. I got into a screaming match with my mother, because I couldn't curl my hair right. I may have actually used the word 'fuck,' which I still would never say to my mother, much less when I was 12. I flounced out of the house and went to school, and my mother called the school to make sure I got there, because she was so worried about me. Then she called my allergist and demanded a lower dose.

This week, I've been on it again, and whoa Nelly, am I on a tear. Unfortunately, this time my mom wasn't here to figure out what was wrong. Somehow, the Bee and I ended up screaming like fishwives at each other in the front yard this morning. Sorry neighbors! Sorry landisdad! Sorry Bee! Sorry Potato, to whom I have been a ginormous bitch! Mommy's throwing those meds in the trash. I'd rather be blowing my nose ever thirty seconds, than be this evil.


April 1, 2006. random other things. 5 comments.