have I mentioned that pseudoephedrine is not my friend?

No, really. The first time I took prescription allergy meds, I was about 12 years old. I got into a screaming match with my mother, because I couldn't curl my hair right. I may have actually used the word 'fuck,' which I still would never say to my mother, much less when I was 12. I flounced out of the house and went to school, and my mother called the school to make sure I got there, because she was so worried about me. Then she called my allergist and demanded a lower dose.

This week, I've been on it again, and whoa Nelly, am I on a tear. Unfortunately, this time my mom wasn't here to figure out what was wrong. Somehow, the Bee and I ended up screaming like fishwives at each other in the front yard this morning. Sorry neighbors! Sorry landisdad! Sorry Bee! Sorry Potato, to whom I have been a ginormous bitch! Mommy's throwing those meds in the trash. I'd rather be blowing my nose ever thirty seconds, than be this evil.


April 1, 2006. random other things.


  1. chichimama replied:

    It’s not my friend either, except in my case it gives me major heart palpitations and skipped beats.

    Does Allegra contain it? M is on that and swears by it. But I’ve never looked at the ingredient list.

    Hope you get some of the rain they are predicting for here and it knocks down the pollen a bit…

  2. Sandra replied:

    I had the same problem, plus I didn’t sleep for two nights. I was awful, such a grouch, and felt so wired and uptight, intensely irritable. It took me two days to figure out it was the allergy medication and not one of my moods. Ugh.

  3. Comfort Addict replied:

    I’m with chichimama on this one. In addition, the symptoms that she listed give my anxiety and panic attacks. I’d rather be congested.

    When I get stuffy, the big problem is sleeping. I do a couple of things that help.

    1. I use Afrin (which doesn’t bother me) for three days. If Afrin causes you problems, or you think that you may have to use it for more than three days (the rebound effect limit), an old doc of mine said that you can dilute it with 50% sterile saline solution like Ocean and lower the dose.

    2. I use either Breathe-Right strips, some ointment from an old tin of Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment below my nose or both.

    For congestion during the day, you can also use a face steamer to open things up a little.

    If someone ever invents an oral decongestant that doesn’t make you jumpy, I’d give them the Nobel Prize right there and then.

  4. Suzanne replied:

    Good luck finding a non-fishwife-inducing allergy medication!

  5. Library Lady replied:

    On PSEUDOPHED? I’m astonished, because I have a very twitchy system when it comes to medicines, and with my allergies and asthma it’s been a mainstay of mine for years.

    On the other hand Chlortrimeton makes me so sleepy that the last time I took it (when SC was a baby) I basically spent 24 hours either sleeping or half sleeping. The stuff is worse than knockout drops. And we will NOT get into what asthma medicines have done to me!!!

    I am the congestion queen. Try these:

    1) It SOUNDS gross, but tilting your head, streaming saline on one side and letting it come out the other DOES help and it actually feels pretty good! You can buy netipot at a natural foods store or just do what I do and keep plenty of bottles of saline solution at hand.

    2)Steam works well–a long shower really works better for me than a pot of water and a towel. And it’s a lot more relaxing. IF the kids give you enough time to do so, of course!

    3) Vapor Right makes a nifty little portable inhaler which is basically a foam cup with an opening in the lid to breathe into. You put warm water in the cup, drop in a menthol tablet and it bubbles and foams and makes STRONG menthol. In fact, my crazy spouse actually LIKES the stuff and will take a whiff when I am using it even when he isn’t congested.

    4)My dad (asthmatic too) introduced me to Boroleum , a mentholated ointment. The tubes are tiny and they seem expensive, but they last a long time and they really help!

    Feel better. I really do know how this goes!!!!!

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