what’s wrong with this picture?

We've been binky-free for about three weeks here in landisville. Despite my fear that the Potato would be going to college fully pacified, he's finally managed to kick the habit. Sure, it's come at the expense of the afternoon nap (at least, on days that he's home–he still seems to nap at daycare), but I think it's worth it. He's no longer demanding one before bed. He's no longer finding cat-hair covered binkies under his bed and popping them into his mouth for a fix. Best of all, I've finally managed to take a photo of the boy where he's not sporting a bobo. (Although, as landisdad points out, the day we take a picture of him where he doesn't have a crust of snot or food on his upper lip will be the real day to celebrate.)


So here's my question for you, dear readers:

Landisdad and I have spent hours fantasizing about the joys that we will experience when we no longer have a cupboard full of bottles, cuppys, breast pump bags, and all the other plastic paraphernalia associated with having young kids. Why, then, is it so hard for me to throw out this last binky?

Is it because the yellow ones were always his favorite?

Is it because I don't really want to admit to myself that I have a babyless home?

Or am I just secretly plotting to pack it in his luggage when he does go away to school?


April 2, 2006. growing up. 13 comments.